New Moons bring the opportunity for new beginnings, and this time around, the first phase of this lunar cycle coincides virtually exactly with our winter solstice.

The winter solstice, or ‘yuletide’ marks the wonderfully inviting turning point in our seasonal year, when our days begin to get a little longer and the nightly darkness retreats.

So although it still feels like we are in the depths of winter (we’ve not even reached Christmas yet!), in actuality, this cold, dark season is losing its grip.

SunriseSymbolically, the ancients, and not so ancients, see this as the awesome moment that great mother Earth gives birth to the Sun, and the wheel of life begins another turn in its beautiful, eternal cycle of creation.

Winter solstice arrives this year on the 21st of December, whilst the New Moon will occur at precisely 01:36 on Monday the 22nd.  So as Luna begins to gently wax again early on Monday morning, the first dawn of the new, expanding light will break.  Many of you who follow the lunar phases will recognise the significance of this winter festival of rebirth occurring so incredibly close to the New Moon, with its own energies of renewal and regeneration.

Last months New Moon post may be useful to reference again now, as it contains step by step guidance on holding an intention setting ceremony for the New Moon:  You can read the full article here.

So, it would appear that the combination of these two astrological events and their uplifting energetic effect are creating fertile and opportune foundations for some big manifestation practice!

But, this is where I want to pause and take stock.

Everywhere I look, there is so much information out there about how to manifest whatever you desire, about achieving “abundance” and attaining every goal.  These templates for existence are alluring, as are the promises it is your birthright to feel powerful enough to make everything you desire come to life.

I am not saying these claims aren’t true – actually, I believe they are, and I believe our human potential for creation is limitless.  But, is it what we need right now?  And doesn’t this incredible power mean that we can, and need, to be absolutely discerning in what, why and how we are driven to create?

Some time ago, I was introduced of the work of Matt Kahn, and I saw his YouTube video entitled ‘The First Wave of Ascension’.  If you haven’t already, find it and watch it!

creatorialWhen I was about three quarters of the way through, I was stopped dead by this concept I had never even considered before. The context is really fascinating, but I’m not going to go into it here, instead I want to stick with this idea of manifesting and quote Matt direct:

“Humility is when your way becomes life’s way; when you are really intuitive and really in the flow, what you think is your way is one and the same with life’s way.  And that is the explanation for manifestation:  Manifestation is not that you create things out of thin air; you had an intuition about something that was already meant to be, your desire about what was about to manifest shows you how in perfect alignment you are”.

I love this.

For me, he perfectly describes and explains the fine line of difference between an ego desire, and the purposeful alignment of a person, i.e. the progression and expansion of Source energy, or the Universal expression of consciousness, through that person.

It’s an explanation for why things don’t manifest sometimes, even when you may be ‘doing all the right things’ (ever tried to manifest a lottery win?!).  Or have you ever set intentions and then just kind of forgotten about them, like they weren’t ever even meant to be?

Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about the difference between creating from the mind, and creating from the heart in his (completely wonderful, life changing) book ‘Living in the Heart’, and what Matt Kahn discusses is, I believe, very similar.

When aiming to manifest something you want, through your mind, driven by thoughts of what you want, you need to go through a very particular process, and this is something that many teachers describe and teach, because it works.

Very briefly, the simplified process is:

  • Realisation that you have a desire to change something.
  • Setting the intention.
  • Visualising the solution, or end point, mentally.
  • Feeling it emotionally.
  • Bringing it into your physical body, and living the experience in 3D.

But what so many teachers using this work don’t realise, or don’t specify, is that this thinking, logical process of working things out in order to get from A to B, using our rational minds, still belongs to the old paradigm of seeking and manufacturing a solution to a problem.

When we set intentions and manifest from our rational, ego minds, we are acting from a place of polarity, so our actions (or the results of our actions) still have huge potential to create negative effects on the world around us.  We have to take responsibility for that fact.  Just consider global supply chains, for some screamingly stark examples of this.

But the truth of our reality is that there are no problems that require us to manifest solutions.  We are all on exactly the path we need to be on, so it is actually more about making choices.  Whether those choices come through our thinking minds, or our feeling hearts is what will make the greatest difference to our shifting world.

alignmentWhen we set intentions and manifest from our hearts, which is what Matt Kahn is talking about when he discusses alignment, we are acting from a place of Unity.  This is the place, both physical and spiritual, where we connect to Universal Consciousness, or Source energy, where ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ don’t exist.  The repercussions of “your” creation on the World will have as much benefit for every single other person, as for you, because from this origin, it is interconnected to all other creation in existence.  That is how you “manifested” it – you intuitively knew it was the perfect, and that its creation was imminent!

“Manifestation is about alignment, not creation”.  Matt Kahn.

Drunvalo teaches a very specific, ancient pathway into the heart and it’s potential power for co-creation, and I invite you to look into his work.

Now, please, please don’t start to feel fearful and worried that you shouldn’t desire newness and difference, or that your creations are in some way harmful or selfish acts.  They are not.

The incredible, shifting state of the world that we are all a part of, requires us to work all of this out for ourselves, in order to make the shifts inside of each of us.

To want things, and then manifest them is exactly what lies on your path and we do live in a generous, abundant and playful Universe!  So have fun while you experiment, and don’t be frightened to engage your mind – we need our minds to work with our hearts, just not in isolation.  But remember – the aim is alignment, and this is achieved through following and trusting how you feel.  Don’t confuse this with what your ego manipulates you into thinking you desire.

Strengthening your connection to your emotional and intuitive powers is ultimately what will bring you closer to a conscious existence, where you can create from inside your heart space.   That is the only place where you’ll find that, in the words of Matt Kahn “your way, and life’s way is one”.