Last quarter Moon: Where the Dark Feminine dwells…

Here we are again at the last quarter Moon

She ebbs, closer now to the end of the cycle than to the peak.

This last lunar phase is when the face of the dark Goddess grows clearer.

Yes, as light decreases, a strange, inky clarity forms. To the uninitiated, this dark will likely be muddling, unsettling, an uncomfortable weight to bear until her maiden crescent rises again.

So it is in life.

In challenge.

In strife.

The hard times are to be muscled through or hidden from, until familiar ease returns, aren’t they?

But to those who know (and those who CAN) this time is precious.

The last quarter Moon is the dwelling place of the Dark Feminine

Totem and source essence for women of power, strength, shadow, sex, and magic.

…These are hard-won gifts. They cycle around, tempting, teasing, pulling, pushing, spinning out of reach and out of desire returning for mere glimpses, that build on top of one layer, whilst peeling back another. And this is the feminine way. There is no ‘one-plus-one equals what you logically want it to’ in this phase of the Moon. The hard winning comes from trusting the HER in you. From stalking the Dark Feminine and her ways in YOU. 

The darkest Moon phase brings an invitation to dive more deeply into YOU.

This is the bravest journey you will ever make.

Because there is no guide… Nobody who knows the intricacies of your internal world, the routes and pathways rippling beneath your skin, across the planes of all that you remember, better than you.

Releasing your grip on the need to be shown the way is the work of the Dark Feminine.

Trusting that you will not get lost in the underworld is an act of sovereignty, because you will make sure your measure is your own.

Does understanding this require a flip in perception? If so, then sit with this. Sit with the Dark, sit in the ebbing light of the last quarter Moon and feel for the pebble that sinks to the bottom of the pool. There you will find her. There you will find yourself.


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