The Gemini Moon’s Greatest Medicine

The way that humanity progresses through ascension cycles follows a blueprint

This blueprint is held together by 12 archetypes. Coming to know these archetypes, facing the personal challenges they call up, and embodying them fully (the light the shadow, all the inbetween) is HOW we ascend through the density of our lives. It’s HOW we grow spiritually, how we anchor our souls into our bodies, and how we call ourselves home.

The journey looks very different for everyone – of course it does. We’re all unique beings. Yet the blueprint remains the same. And what IS this blueprint?

The zodiac.

The 12 archetypes are the signs of the zodiac! And each one contains a mythological, poetic structure AND energetic essence of a piece of the human story. Each sign is a gateway that must be lived through, to come fully to the next.

BUT of course, most of us can’t do all of this work in the time it takes, say, the Sun to move through the signs from the date we’re born to the date of our next birthday. So of course we get another chance, and another and another. And as the planets in our natal charts also move through the 12 zodiac signs, different pieces of us are tugged at, challenged, and asked to grow.

Each month the Moon moves through the signs of the zodiac too.

..And She offers us 12 more opportunities to work with our emotional selves, our shadows, or triggers, our sensitivities.

She’s moving through Gemini right now.

The sign of the twins – third sign in the Zodiac after fiery Aries and earthy, pleasure-soaked Taurus.

Gemini teaches us of otherness.

Of connection, ideas and perspectives that are not our own.

Of sharing.

Of giving and of taking.

Of cross-pollination in all the best, and all the worst of ways.

Right now this matters.

As la Luna reaches her third and last quarter, it matters even more because these quarter Moons align with choices – often internal crisis points that require decisions to be made.

It is very, very easy on an ordinary day to hear another person’s story and accept it as your own. Sounds a little unlikely written like that, but we all do it every day – hearing, trusting, believing. Because picking up information (and believing it) is often automatic.

Gemini sits on both sides of this fence.

It loves to listen, to receive, to gather words as they pour forth from all angles. AND Gemini likes to offer them out just as freely.

SO under this Moon, under the auspices of a third-quarter Moon in Gemini, we ALL have an opportunity to fly with this energy.

Or to practice discernment, and bring our minds back in line.

The zodiac sign of Gemini, as the archetypal gatekeeper for this ascension point, teaches discernment.

Gemini’s strength comes when its network of words and ideas and has roots inside your own body and your own body of experience. Not when they’re based on someone else’s.

To accept a string of facts and figures and happenings and proofs and fuel them with your own certainty without first checking in DEEPLY with your own centered knowing may make them stronger still, yet they will be unrooted in self.

And if what we’re sharing as truth actually has its roots elsewhere… well, what soil is nourishing it?

And WHO is holding onto that taproot?

Who is drawing off its goodness?

Who is drawing off your goodness?

The medicine of the archetype of Gemini often leads us into trickstery places: Situations where the boundaries between fact and fiction are blurred and speed feels like an ally. But this quarter Moon invites in a stillness.

A moment to discern.

To really discern.

As much as this Moon urges us to share and distribute, to inform and instruct, her darkening face also calls in self-scrutiny.

What are you saying?

Who’s discourse are you relaying to others?

Who’s truth are you believing?

Who’s energy is carried in those words?

Can you answer these questions from the belly of your knowing, and feel trust is there? I hope so, friend.


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