Time to ROOT IN! The New Moon in Capricorn will emerge on January 13th, 2021!

Say hello to the first New Moon of the year. It is time to welcome in la Luna, as she becomes New again, in this grounded and earthly sign.

We’ve waited almost two full weeks of this new calendar year, whilst the Moon cycles into harmony with Her beloved, the Sun. It’s a slow burning, but wonderfully powerful Moon, of gently nurturing things into being, and practically transforming ideas to realities.

Capricorn’s energy is serious, diligent and mature.

it sows the seeds to make things happen when other signs are still imagining … Capricorn is the sign of responsibly claiming our duties, of working hard and of attainment.

At this point in the year, as momentum very slowly waxed and grows, this New Moon is a gift. Sometimes the Capricorn Moon hits before the close of the gregorian calendar meaning her energies intermingle with the Solstice and Christmas. This year, however, with a little distance from those festivals, we can afford to be more single minded in how we approach and use this New Moon window.

Capricorn is strategic, practical and methodical. It’s earth sign status brings big questions to the fore – but not in a dreamy, faraway, imaginative way. This is about getting real.

Where do you want to be this time next year?  In five years?  Or even 10?

This is the kind of timeframe we are talking about, when we envision and plan and dream under this Moon. Capricorn invite us to be veeeery honest and to strip away all the trappings of everyday triviality, of glamorous distractions and of ego desires, the stuff that distracts us daily and causes us to forget ourselves.

What did you come here to Earth, to do?

Who did you come here to be?

Forget others’ expectations, and unconscious momentum for a moment, and feel your core self.

But do you sense a dichotomy, a trickstery paradox, here?

Capricorn so wants us to develop a responsibility toward our own truth, and is here to help us do just that. But with that awareness comes a rising sense of responsibility in general: to friends, to parents, to children, to family, to society, to our Earth …

Unravelling which responsibilities are real, and which are illusory is also a task that this Moon brings.

Luckily, Capricorn tends to detract from emotion – your feelings are unlikely to get in the way.

Manifestation is getting faster.

For those who are learning how to work consciously with these creative energies, and are merging ever closer to their higher selves, manifestation under this New Moon can be surprisingly, delightfully quick!  But there is a special kind of ‘becoming’ that comes with experience, and with slow, steady accumulation and effort, and not with instantaneous and spellbinding magic.

The fertile ground that the Capricorn Moon provides – one for planting long-lived, slow growing seeds with very deep roots – means that rewards will feel very different under this New Moon, than under others.

If you have desires which seems unattainable, desires that you know will require some huge shifts, or that will simply take some time, initiate them now, under this Moon.

Let Capricorn take the strain.

Being a cardinal sign – a zodiac sign that carries the energy of investment, of commencement, and of pioneering, ambitious moves – you have everything to gain!

YOU are standing at a precipice!

And crucially, Capricorn brings the element of earth, which means that very quickly, opportunities will arise to make these wishes actual, tangible, touchable and feel-able and more than only pipe-dreams.

So set your intentions firmly and with conviction. Catch Luna’s rising wave as she rolls through Capricorn’s swell, like a snowball, picking up matter on her way through the matrix.

What you imagine will be… so imagine with intent!

Happy New Year!

May it be one of authentic you.



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