Cancer Full Moon: Weather the Storm

Woman holding the Full Moon

Get ready for the homecoming! The Next Full Moon in Cancer will rise on January 10th, 2020

Cancer is the sign that Luna rules. THIS is the cosmic space where she is at home, expressing her most essential and intrinsic qualities freely and with ease…

This Moon is sentimental, nostalgic, perhaps regretful or even prone to self-pity. Yet she’s also fiercely maternal, protective, eager and programmed to nurture and nourish those closest to the nest.

This alone is enough to contend with: to steer and maintain our ship through such a raw and open sea as this, without slowly slipping under, or succumbing to a tidal wave of emotion and capsizing completely. (Yes, this IS a warming!)

Ignore this Moon at your peril.

She will seep into your bones, your blood, your breath, and your passion, whether you like it, and mean her to, or not.

Sensitive, yes. Feelings focused, yes. BUT quiet and unassuming, no, no, no.

Her cardinal modality creates a real urge to act, to leap, and make strong, decisive use of her brave pioneering spirit. BUT with this Moon’s brave, pioneering spirit may also come naïve, sabotaging foolishness. So don’t let this emotional Full Moon tip you over the edge, acting on feelings that may feel very different tomorrow.  Feelings are a GOOD thing to act on … the truest guidance in fact, but perhaps not when torn apart by such intense astrology.

Wait until tomorrow.

Then wait a few more days.

And then see what new feelings you feel.

For now, sit with your inner world. Sit with the elements:  earth, air, fire, water, and feel how each is moving through your world right now.

  • Where are you anchored, loyal, steady, graceful?
  • Where are you brave, optimistic, creative, spontaneous?
  • Where are you imagining, analysing, detaching, purifying?
  • Where are you trusting, praying, reflecting, respecting?

Be probing, be intimate and let this Full Moon illuminate your essential being during this powerful time. Be there as a witness to YOU, instead of pooling your energies into reacting AGAINST what you feel isn’t just and right and okay.

But more than this … try to nurture, and cherish this inner world.

This Moon is ALL ABOUT feelings, so it vital to know that feelings are an expression of this deep and often untapped version of self. Treat and embrace and caress and sit with this very deep and sensitive SELF at this time. Do this for yourself, as the archetypal Cancer mother would, without judgment or conditions or any need to act.

Take the lessons of this sign, and move, withdraw, retreat into the shell of the crab to be soothed and softened within.

And stay just there for a couple more days.

(Gentle) Full Moon blessings to you,


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