The cosmic mother is calling… Get ready for this year’s only Cancer Full Moon

Can you hear the voice of the cosmic mother? The Full Moon in Cancer comes to amplify the maternal impulse that beats like a drum, across the web of life…

She’s easy to miss if you’re used to tuning her out.

Our noisy, noisy world can easily drown out the quieter songs. Have you let her tone get mixed up with a thousand messages? A thousand other words that sound like care, nurture, and mothering wisdom, but are actually spun to deceive you?

The Cancer Full Moon rises on January 6th, 2022 (at 23:07 GMT and 03:07 PT) and she will bring illumination…

This Full Moon arrives to shine a light on the many layers we are collectively sifting through. Her motive is to bring truth to the top.

You’ve been told for months that you need protecting.

It’s become an unconscious copy-cat rally cry, hasn’t it? But this most ancient of urges – the maternal impulse to protect and possess that comes deep from within the Earth herself – has been hijacked and distorted. It has crept up on us slowly – gentle warnings, comforting phrases. But do you need to be “protected”?

This idea belongs in the realm of Cancer, the crab.

In astrology, Cancer is where the Moon is at home

The energy of Cancer Full Moon astrology always arrives like a protective mother. It activates this role of the feminine, in ripples through our lives…

Here (and especially at Cancer Full Moons) her lunar qualities are enhanced: Qualities like:

  • Sensitivity
  • Emotionality
  • Tenderness
  • Vulnerability
  • Intuition
  • Nurture
  • Care
  • Safety

These are typically ‘feminine’ traits. Yet the value society gives then has been skewed for centuries – we need this kind of energy, it’s the glue that keeps our relationships alive, BUT sensitivity, intuition, and emotionality, etc. are rarely prized as anything but a sideline.

…Which has opened them (and us) up to manipulation.

Human emotions can be easily played

Vulnerability used as an excuse to control…

Intuition gas-lit until only confusion remains…

The notion of safety warped, into confinement…

But Cancer Moons come to re-activate these qualities within us, in their undistorted forms. Because this ancient archetype and zodiac sign of the sea IS the mistress of exactly these lunar qualities.

So the Full Moon here illuminates the manipulation and reveals where we’re all being played…

And it’s all begins with the Mother.

Cancer the Crab symbolizes the primordial sea

…The origin: the place of human birth.

In ancient Greece, this part of the sky was known as the Gate of Men, because it’s where souls were believed to descend from, as they entered the Earthly plain: A wombic portal giving passage to life, gateway to the physical.

Crabs today scuttle on seashores, the liminal space between worlds of water and worlds of land. And despite their hard shells, they are vulnerable creatures. How often have you walked along a beach to find pieces of shell, pincers, remnants picked off by birds in flight?

Life is a vulnerable thing.

This Full Moon reminds us of its preciousness, and the unfathomable potential of NOT making it here, of not arriving onto this side, this physical side of life…

The Moon in Cancer highlights the role of the cosmic mother in making the mystery so…

But the ancient archetype of the Mother Goddess isn’t infallible. She’s not perfect, she’s not everything you’d desire a mother to be (well, she is… but she’s ALSO everything else).

She holds the full spectrum of ‘mother’ from the lightest, idealised (and annoyingly cute) versions of picture-perfect yummy motherhood, to the darkest Mother – the destructive, possessive, and all-consuming energy that is rising up in our world right now.

This is also the shadow of Cancer

…And it’s what the Full Moon in Cancer is asking us to see. IN the world, but also in us.

Because you likely know by now… what you see out there in the world, is what’s within. It’s what’s unconsciously within each of us, and it’s what we’ll keep on projecting out there into the movie screen of reality until it’s made conscious, and can be re-integrated and re-channelled.

SO what are these shadows of the Cancer Full Moon?

  • Possessiveness
  • Neediness
  • Over-control
  • Smothering
  • Silencing
  • Co-dependency
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction

Full Moons are the BEST times to look at these shadows

Why? Because the full glare of illumination that the Moon offers, shines the light of awareness more strongly than at any other time. The spectrum of this zodiac sign (as it emerges through us) is made visible…

✶ Are you being possessive? Are you calling others too close to where you stand, controlling and dictating what they can do and where they can go?

✶ Are you smothering and silencing other people? Either in the world, or in your thoughts and mental scripts?

✶ Is there neediness rising to the surface of your life? Are co-dependent patterns appearing? These are shadows of vulnerability – they are different things, though they sometimes masquerade as each other.

Emotional immaturity is a reaction to a lack of safety

…And we’ve all spent 2 years now, being told we’re not safe!

The Full Moon in Cancer is an invitation to dive in deeply to this notion… to look from every angle and uproot false beliefs that have sneakily planted themselves in the sweet honeycomb of your body.

This is a tender place.

Cancer tends to hold a soft and yielding Moon, so it can be hard to edge beyond a zone that’s cushioned and comfortable. Yet we have an antidote to this. At the other end of the axis, the Sun sails through Capricorn and is right now, conjunct Pluto.

Sun + Pluto makes underworld excavations unavoidable…

The Sun and Pluto together not only support this work of digging through the darkness, they make it unavoidable.

Revelations are rippling through the world so fast now – falsity is appearing and lies are turning transparent. So of course this is also happening in each of us too – the personal lies we’ve been spinning our own webs from are falling away, and what you’re left with may be unexpected.

Expect the unexpected – try not to feel affronted, or lost on your path when this Cancer Full Moon shows up personal truths for the very first time.

The Cancer Moon will hold you like a mother..

There is no alone.

Call down the Moon at this time, and you’re calling down the ancient (and truly protective) face of the feminine… THAT is what we need right now. She offers the protection and guidance we really need.

So many blessings to you on this Cancer Full Moon.

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