Quiet ripples of this Aquarius New Moon have been circling outward through time, lapping at our ankles for a while.

Its ruling Planet Uranus has been sitting, quietly activating in Aries since 2011, calling on us to make changes, to evolve, to individuate, to envision, and to begin to stir the status quo into being a whole lot more progressed then it currently is.
More recently, hard aspects to Pluto and Jupiter have plunged us, and this revolutionary spirit deep into the shadows of our personal (and collective) underworlds, AND also, up, up, and out, into the realms of our how we relate to others.
We are being challenged: challenged about what we believe and about how far and fiercely we will defend and fight for these beliefs.

With this New Moon – early on Saturday morning (the 28th Jan) at 00:06, at 8º of Aquarius – Uranus energy is staying prominent, in fact, it is inescapable: Aquarius makes it so.
And this Moon wants most of all, to rock and stir and agitate us into waking up just a little bit MORE from our slumber, than we already have.

The world outside seems to be inviting this too, there is SO much to fight against, so much to defend.

So how do we take the lessons of this sign, and this Moon, and this planetary energy, and use them, really use them, in a positive and progressive way?

Well, Aquarius is a sign which requires, no it assumes, leaps in consciousness.
To get from here to there, from the present to the hypothetical, hoped for, yearned for, imagined, future, Aquarius teaches us that we much first surrender all of our pre-conceived attachments to HOW the journey there is going to look.

Sometimes it can be difficult to resist seeking more knowledge, (reading more, watching more, learning and absorbing more and even more from teachers, gurus and leaders in thought and opinion). It can be hard to resist collecting and amassing more modalities of healing and activation, increasing our spiritual and practical ammunition, building and forming a defence. If we are going to rise, surely we need foundations of information, skill and understanding on which to build? Surely?

OR, perhaps this seeking is only a distraction, a way to avoid and delay doing the deep work, the trusting and opening work, which requires the creation of space and quiet, to hear the voices of our OWN truest and highest selves, and the knowing that WE contain within?
Incredibly, it is still a a leap of faith, a statement of trust, to listen to these voices, especially when they can’t be ‘evidenced’ or ‘justified, or rationalized.

Albert Einstein said that “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

It is becoming clearer and more profoundly evident that looking to others (however experienced, qualified, or convincing they are) for our solutions, just as we have looked to others (however experienced, qualified, or convincing they are) for our direction, our law, our rules, regulations, principles and formulas to live by, will not work any longer.
These are the lessons of Aquarius. Amidst all of the apparent up-swell and chaos that Uranus offers, one clear strand and beacon does remain.

Self trust.

The self trust to stand up, the self trust to stand out. The self trust to disagree. The self trust to make a decision to do and act in a different way – to change a habitual behavior or opinion, because it stops resonating, even if the rest of the world (or the rest of the street) carries on.

Trust yourself this New Moon.
But don’t trust yourself quietly, trust yourself enough to DO something which will alter your own course in a way which more feels right and more true than simply standing still.
Take the energy of this Aquarius New Moon, and plant seeds of action. YOU are a political statement. YOU are a mark of revolt.
YOU count and YOU matter, so trust in your vision.

New Moon Blessings.