Aquarius Moons always feel a little like they’re getting ahead of themselves…




Living under them can make you feel like you’re just too darn future-focused to make any sense of the here and now… and this New Moon comes as a veritable window into the New Earth (as we don’t quite know it yet!)

The New Moon is exact on February 11th, at 19:05 UK / 11:05 PT

We’ll see the Sun and Moon conjunct at 23º of Aquarius (remember that number), but our twin luminaries are not alone here. In case you hadn’t noticed, Aquarius is hosting a sky party 😜 . Sun and Moon are joined in the sign of the visionary by Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Plus, you have an invite too…

It’s been decades since this many planets grouped together here. It’s highly unusual – fitting for these global times, also highly unusual. But it offers up a strong taste of things to come, because Aquarius energy is here to stay for a while:

Venus will transit Aquarius until the end of this month. Due to Mercury retrograde here, the planet of communication will hover in Aquarius until March 15th. Jupiter til May, before dipping back in at the end of July. Saturn’s here til March 2023. And then Pluto. Let’s all look forward to the day that Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023… This isn’t going to end anytime soon.

As an archetype, Aquarius is the visionary.

This energy moves us to imagine places that may not seem possible at any other time. Aquarius an invitation to do more than dream – to believe. This can be hard when so much we ‘believed’ in no longer exists. when the force of our collective confidence is no longer strong enough to bind together the ways of the old world… Or maybe we’ve all known that, deep down, for a long time? And this paradigm shift is way overdue?

Fortunate then, that this New Moon in Aquarius comes – together with such an abundance of other planetary support – right now, right when we need it most.

Symbolized by the water bearer, Aquarius in its highest form feels like quenching a desperate thirst you’ve felt for a long, long time.
Quenching it with hope. Possibility. The promise of change. Can you feel it?

This New Moon carries an awakening vibration – one that is set to jolt us from our slumber and our apathy.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutionary charge, there is SO much potential here to dismantle anything that won’t let you rise. Specifically, this New Moon’s tools are radical thinking and a brave trust in your intuitive visions of “what if…?”

Setting an intention at this New Moon will help you harness the transformative, future-focused vibration it holds.

This is important:

Currently at 12º of Aquarius, Jupiter will move over the degree of this New Moon – 24º of Aquarius – at the beginning of April. Then again (retrograde) in September, then again in November. Think of Aquarius as the soil, and this degree as the place where you plant the seed of your intention. Three times this year it will be activated, amplified, and intensified by the giant of the solar system, and YOU will also be activated to magnetize whatever seed you sowed.

So, step out of the box and away from your comfort zone, and be brave with this prayer.

Do it for the love.

Do it because the world needs you to.

This Aquarius New Moon is the gateway that we’re all moving through, as we enter ever more fully into the Aquarian age. It invites, no assumes, that you will make leaps in consciousness!

Who you are now, isn’t going to be who you are in a year, two years’, five years’ time.

But to get from here to there, from the present moment where you now stand, to the imagined New Earth future, it’s necessary to surrender: To surrender your pre-conceived attachments to not just how the journey will look, but the journey itself.

The archetype of Aquarius comes close to the very end of the astrological mandala – after Sagittarius’ quest and Capricorn’s climb. Aquarius doesn’t need to go anywhere at all. It stands in its fixity and changes the world around it by BEING different.

To invite in the New World, how do you need to be different?

Start with yourself. And not as a process of berating what already is. There is a fine line between self-improvement and lack of self-acceptance. The highest expression of the archetype of Aquarius is a magician and easily able to alchemize its qualities into something new. It expresses most fully and truly, when we’re each able to first liberate the self, and this requires compassion.

Hold yourself.

Before you start looking around for someone to lead you forward, remember that like all New Moons, this Moon is pointing inwards.

This isn’t about ego.

Aquarius tends to create leaders, yet the kind of pioneering that’s being called forth in each of us, at this time, is something different. It requires us to go deeper, to listen more intently, and to trust more than we ever have done before.

Because inside YOU, is where the future will be birthed from.

It will be made from the stuff that you and I are made of, together with all our experiences combined. Squeezed through this Aquarian portal into somewhere unrecognizable from where we currently stand.

But if you try, you may be able to catch a glimmer of it over this New Moon.

SO many blessings to you.

What are YOUR visions for the New Earth? Share with me in the comments below – let’s bring them into being together.




*Art by Nat Girsberger