The New Moon in Pisces will rise on March 13th, 2021.

Pisces lifts the veil on life.

This sign reveals hidden flow and buried rhythm, but you’ve got to tune into her frequency to hear her song.  This means relinquishing the self- judging, downbeat and polarised thoughts that most of us carry around with us, and instead lean into accepting all of who we are.

Dare I say love all of who we are?

For starters, try acceptance.  

(You really *are* a remarkable human, trust me).

Pisces comes at the very end of the zodiac.

By its nature and positioning, it’s a sign that encompasses all that’s come before.

This is what we’re being asked to do here too – accept and unify. The words are easy enough to write, and easy enough to read… but doing this work?  Can you rest in the full knowledge of yourself?

It’s a good thing that New Moons call for stillness and rest.

Try to be present, and feel the fullness of your own spirit, secure in the knowledge that you are being held and guided. YOu don’t need to have all the answers at the tip of your fingers, or the front of your mind.

There is a depth to this Moon that takes a little time to comprehend. So for now, be still.

Here are 20 Ideas to make it juuust a little easier to tap into the essence of the Pisces New Moon, in this frenetic world we inhabit:

1. Breath into your belly

2. Nap

3. Play with children – really play

4. Dance

5. Daydream

6. Write poetry

7. Read poetry

8. Turn down the lights

9. Light candles

10. Go for a swim, then lie on your back and float in the water

11. Turn your phone off.

12. Look at the horizon

13. That do-do list you have? Let one thing go…

14. Whisper your wishes to the Earth

15. Forgive Yourself

16. Stand in the rain

17. Take off your shoes

18. Massage your toes

19. Diffuse your favourite oil and inhale its scent…

20. Be truly grateful.

Wishing you beautiful New Moon blessings.


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