I am writing this post as the Moon reaches the first quarter of this cycle. It’s a time of rising energy when we are encouraged to act. But it is also a time when old, unhelpful behaviors may flare and create blocks to our progress.

I want to write about a subject that can often be avoided, but at its worst, it can spiral into a paralyzing factor when it comes to setting personal intentions and actually allowing them to come into being.

Sometimes, to sit down and really think about what you desire for your life can feel like too much self-indulgence. When there is so much suffering in the world, when there is poverty on the doorstep, let alone overseas, and so much environmental damage, surely sitting and thinking about how you’d like to live in a bigger house, or how you wish you could get rid of some niggling insecurity is just way off the mark of time well spent.

Well it’s not. It is exactly what you do need to do, and here is why.

You cannot generate any genuine, lasting, positive change in the external world until you are first in complete acceptance of yourself.

The world is a mirror and the negative aspects you see in existence are recognisable as that, because they also exist inside of you, and in that internal place you have already labeled them as negative. But in fully accepting yourself, and that means to recognise all of you as perfect, you are in turn, able to accept the world exactly as it is, fear and destruction included.

By labelling things as bad or wrong, and therefore creating resistance to them, we are actually creating more polarity, and generating more negative vibrations through our thoughts, compounding what we are resisting in the first place.

I am not saying that when “bad” stuff happens, we should look at it and say it’s “good”. I am suggesting we disregard these dualistic definitions and accept what is. Only from that place, will change occur for its own sake, and not as an act of resistance. And this process must begin with us. Love and accept yourself. Critically, this doesn’t mean you should deny yourself any more than you currently are or have, it means allowing yourself to desire, and allowing yourself to find fulfillment.

A year or so ago, I remember feeling that my pre-occupation with having a tidy, clean house was a pointless and self-indulgent desire. Surely there was more to life than attaining orderly domesticity! I started to hate the part of myself that got so frustrated by a family’s worth of clutter on every surface and wished I could just not be bothered by it. But my frustration didn’t go away, in fact those feelings of dislike for this detail of my external reality, and for the part of me that felt them were self-destructive (as any negative emotion is).

So instead I embraced it. I accepted that I needed my living space to be in order, to be able to function freely and progress in other areas of my life. And we got cleaners! An easy solution, but it didn’t arrive until I had reached that point of acceptance of what I needed – before that, I wasn’t allowing myself to need something I believed was so petty.

The point is, if you need something in your life to change, however trivial, set a conscious intention and change it. Sometimes the ‘doing’ part of manifesting the change is actually releasing your own resistance to it, because deep down you don’t feel it’s important enough, or that you don’t really deserve it.   But by making this mental commitment and then acting on, or allowing it, you are listening to yourself, and showing yourself respect. And this respect contains a vibration that will only generate more.

There is another part to this process I want to mention that is often forgotten, if it was ever known at all. It is particularly aligned with the surging, waxing lunar energy of this current phase so is a super effective technique to use at the moment (though also wonderfully beneficial at any time).

When we are acting out plans, collaborating with others and basically doing all those things in 3D that get our life plans out of our heads and into our realities, we each have the power to amplify those originating feelings of acceptance, love and respect for ourselves, out into the world.

At all times, the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and intentions are radiating out through our electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and affecting the EMFs of those we are interacting with.   This is true between people who are standing in the same room as each other, and also those who are connecting over long distances (and time, but that’s another subject altogether). It’s why you can sense the misery coming from some people, whilst others seem to glow with positivity. This effect happens without us needing to do a thing, but if you add intention…. Boom.

I will give you another example from my own life.

I used to do (and sometimes still do) the bookkeeping and payroll for a small company. Because of the fact that I fell into the job, and of various things going on personally, I ended up not really enjoying it, and even started to deeply resent the work.

Then one day, I had a revelation.

In processing bills and paying people money each week, I was actually bang in the middle of orchestrating a huge, beautiful energetic transfer of gratitude and generosity between the company and all the people working for it.   Money was just the currency, the symbol for this energy, and my attitude could seriously affect the frequency of that energy.

From then on, instead of mentally grumbling through the job, I cultivated a deep feeling of gratitude from inside my heart center and each time I wrote down numbers and transferred money, I sent this feeling with it, with the extra intention that the money be used for the highest good of each recipient, and that this be multiplied onwards and outwards, with each new exchange of that money. My job was transformed, and who knows how much better and more positive those people’s lives became too (it’s not to know or see results, but simply to give).

The key is that running words through your mind isn’t enough: You have to generate and hold the emotional and physical feelings in your body, then radiate them, with intent, out from your heart center. The EMF of the heart is hundreds of times more powerful than that of the brain.

It is my personal opinion that this is one of the big ways that as individuals, we can shift our collective experience to a higher one.

Try it out during this lunar phase, and if you like, then carry on. It is a selfless practice that always has the side effect of making me feel blissful!

I hope your plans and deeds so far this month are blossoming.






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