Luna continues her journey through Virgo today, a lovely earthy transit which always brings us gently back into our bodies, reminding us of our own sacred, corporeal nature.

This Moon can often cause any food or substance intolerances to flare, as our bodies are in a heightened mode of detoxification, so it can be wise to help our bodies own elimination processes during this lunar transit, by hydrating well, and eating only simple, unprocessed foods.

This is also a really good day to take self care a step further, and commit to a daily self-honouring practice for the next seven days, to complete with the Full Moon next Saturday night (21st May at 22:14 BST).

So think about what you body needs most (or better still, ask your body, and sit in meditation a while, until you are directed to the answer).

It maybe clean eating, an extra hours sleep each night, daily skin brushing for circulation, morning sun salutations…

Set an intention today, evoking the Goddess energy of this Virgo Moon to support you each day, and see how introducing a daily ritual of one small, self-cherishing act transform you!

Can you rise to the challenge?!


Lunar blessings,