Ready to step on through…? The Full Moon in Virgo will rise on March 18th, 2022.

Virgo was the original Grain Goddess.

In Ancient Egypt, her symbol was a woman holding a sheaf of wheat or corn.

Over in Greece, when the Eleusinian Mystery Schools were at their height, initiates into this ancient and mysterious cult would celebrate this same Grain Goddess as Demeter, Mistress of Earth and mother of Persephone.

She also appears, hidden in plain sight in the story of Jesus, as the place where the Star rose in the East, over the stable in Bethlehem, aka the “House of Bread”. Yes, the Star, which some say was Sirius, was rising in the sign of the Grain Goddess, the Barley Mother: Virgo.

These are just a handful of her tales… Yet they show that Virgo is a sign, a season, an energy, and an archetype as old as the Earth (and of Her too), scattered like seeds throughout our myths and sacred stories over many millennia.

Today, she (re-)enters our story.

On 18 March 2022, the Full Moon rises at 27º of Virgo.

There is something deeply comforting about the presence of this ancient Earth Mistress here, holding la Luna in her embrace amidst all the change and mysterious transformation that’s still taking place on planet Earth.

This is a side of Virgo that’s not always remembered or revered. Instead, it’s her Mercury-fuelled momentum and her predisposition for purity that we hear about. So perhaps that is what we embody, unconsciously.

I feel this Virgo Full Moon to be a little different.




Virgo IS a clarifying energy – this zodiac sign holds the space for us to dissolve and refine, to order and clean. Yet, this isn’t rooted in some compulsive desire to get rid of excess. Yes, this Moon may have you frantically washing and baking and acting out all of its mutable urges…

Yet Virgo’s real function – her forgotten purpose (like SO much belonging to the Sacred Feminine) is that of renewal

Virgo as Demeter: The Wise One

In the Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G Walker breaks down the etymology of Demeter. In Greek, the word Meter is ‘mother’. And De is ‘the delta, a female genital sign known as “the letter of the vulva” in the Greek sacred alphabet, as in India it was the Yoni Yantra, or yantra of the vulva’. The roots of these same words: Of mothers and vulvas, their shapes and associations, can be found all over the ancient world. All pointing to doorways, gateways, triangular portals through which life emerges.

Virgo too.

Despite her astrological shift from mother aspect to maiden, or “virgin”, this zodiac sign is one of the portals through which renewal occurs. And now, she points to our renewal.

At this time in the global story, the Full Moon in Virgo means the same thing She always has. Virgo is a portal of rebirth. And here in the opening chapters of the Aquarian age, all we need to do is step. On. through.

Virgo as Health Bringer

Ultimately life-bringing, Virgo is an archetype that has come to represent health. Grounded in the quality of Earth, and coupled with the modality of mutability (or change) this sign incites practical action. But la Luna is not shining her light anywhere else right now – look no further than your own body as temple.

The Full Moon in Virgo, like the Ancient Feminine that she represents, urges us to become more embodied, and to do it now

SO many of us are living our lives from the neck up.

We exist primarily in our minds: thinking, planning, remembering, pondering, wondering, checking and double-checking, managing their lives and others from a place of mental order.

I do this too – it’s unavoidable in the hectic, modern world we live in. Yet the ancient feminine is yearning for us to drop our attention and our presence down into the body. We need this more than ever – the influx of Aquarian energy that we’re already feeling so clearly on the planet (having trouble sleeping?) is very mind-centric and offers little space for embodiment. Unless we call it in ourselves.

Embodiment is the rallying cry of this Full Moon

As the human collective grows, expands, and evolves: We must not neglect our sacred embodied selves. Your physicality isn’t a by-product of your existence here. Our bodies aren’t simply some vehicle to carry around the all-important realm of consciousness. Our bodies are both libraries of wisdom in themselves, and instruments of connection to the Great Mother (the Wise One, the Mistress of Earth, the archetype of Virgo).

It is She who holds the wisdom we need right now. So our bodies need to become the priority.

BUT… it can be veeeery tempting under this kind of Moon, to draft out a plan, create a schedule, or design a routine for all the self-improvement you’re definitely going to commit to.

Hold off!

That’s not quite what this Moon is aiming for.

Full Moons illuminate. They illuminate so that we can see the wholeness of ourselves and our lives. But this isn’t so we can quickly trip into patterns of how to change, alter, or correct. Yes, Virgo does hold such dynamic and practical energy – it can feel irresistible not to take advantage of it! But if you dive in deeper, and aim for the essence of this astrology and this zodiac sign, you’ll see that this Moon is ushering in a practice of compassionate holding, witnessing, and acceptance.

The Great Mother.

She doesn’t rush or coerce. She holds, and allows the emergence to come.

Just 2 days after this Virgo Full Moon, the Aries Spring Equinox arrives…

The Moon will have moved on by then, waiting in the last degrees of Libra.

This will be the ignition spark we have been waiting for – the solar ingress back into the child of the zodiac. But at the time of the Full Moon, the Mother still holds sway.

So drop deeply into the moment.

Into the Earth.



These are opportune times for transformation, yet here the spotlight is shining onto the real, the daily, the routine. Onto the practical, the sensual, and how these two meet within us.

This is an exploration, not a competition. And here, the Full Moon in Virgo holds us as we burrow, dig and delve into the fabric of ourselves.

This can be comforting.

This can restore, and this can renew, if you begin with a gentle gaze within.

Full Moon blessings,


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