Berry Bright: Spiritual Meaning of the Full Strawberry Moon, June 2024

June full strawberry Moon rising into a dark sky with red clouds

This month’s Full Strawberry Moon is no ordinary full moon – it’s a summer solstice full moon, also marking the beginning of summer and the longest day. Full Moon energy is always big, bold and celebratory, but this one looks to be extra sweet. We’re in for a treat.

Cosmic calendar: When to see the full strawberry Moon in 2024

This year’s strawberry moon rises on will rise on Friday June 21st at 21:07 EDT and 18:07 PDT, and at 02:07 BST on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

This full Moon occurs at 1º of Capricorn

Full moons occur when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun so that its face is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. This happens approximately once a month, when the moonrise and sunset happen simultaneously, and is peak illumination in the lunar calendar.

Full Strawberry Moon rising through red clouds

What are the origins of the strawberry moon?

According to Native American tradition, June’s full moon is named after the wild strawberries that ripen this month. Specifically, the name has been traced to the Algonquin tribes of North America, as the strawberry moon marked the time people would go out to harvest strawberries, perhaps late into the evening when the Moon was rising.

In addition to Native American tribes, the Old Farmer’s Almanac also has its own set of full moon names, which were derived from Colonial American and European sources. These also reflect the changing seasons, environment, and activities of the time.

Alternative moon names for the June full Moon

  • Berries Ripen Moon
  • Green Corn Moon
  • Hot Moon
  • Honey Moon
  • Mead Moon
  • Flower Moon
  • Blooming Moon
  • Hoe Moon

Celtic moon names include:

  • Horse Moon
  • Dyan Moon
  • Rose Moon
  • Planting Moon
List of all alternative names for the June full Moon strawberry Moon

What Does the Strawberry Moon Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, the full moon in June is always seen as a time of abundance and fertility (closely tied to the ripening of strawberries and other fruits). It marks a time to deeply receive and give gratitude for the blessings of the natural world.

Many ancient cultures associated June’s strawberry moon with the feminine energy and the Goddess, and the sweet, juicy life-giving essence of her many archetypes, but particularly the Mother. This lunar phase is intrinsically connected to the Mother archetype, but in June, and at summer solstice, she really blooms.

So the spiritual meaning of this Moon usually pertains to heat, generosity, plump mature ripeness and the overflowing deliciousness of the summer season.

It represents a time of growth and manifestation, but also the power to sustain and maintain.

This celestial event comes as a reminder to pause and celebrate the earth’s bounty, revelling in the beauty and sweetness of life.

The Goddess Venus and the sacred strawberry

As a heart-shaped fruit, ripe strawberries are associated with the Roman goddess Venus, who was often depicted with strawberries. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, abundance and value, and theories suggest she would often be worshipped and appealed to by the ancients, for blessings in matters of the heart.

A thread of this sacred relationship between the Goddess and the fruit runs through the strawberry Moon too. Culturally there are roots in different places, but the energetic resonance is there.

In spiritual practices, the Strawberry Moon can be a powerful time for performing rituals and spells related to love and gratitude.

How does the Strawberry Moon affect you?

How the strawberry moon could affect you personally depends on so many factors!

You may feel the intensity of this full Moon match summer’s heat, making tempers hot and emotions flare. Yet June’s full moon may be a soothing balm, helping to bring clarity and illumination, whilst offering insights and answers where you’ve been seeking. You may feel an energy boost and be unable to sleep, or you may not be able to stay awake!


Here’s a list of ways the upcoming strawberry Moon may affect you:

  • Amplified intuition
  • Heightened emotions (and faster emotional release)
  • Faster manifestation
  • Deeper appreciation of pleasure
  • Healing core wounds
  • Awakened creativity
  • More physical stamina (being in go go go mode)
  • Greater compassion
  • More joyful connections with others
  • Spiritual purification
List of things to expect during June's Strawberry Moon

Spiritual activities to do on the Strawberry Moon

We know it’s called the strawberry moon because of the sweet, sweet berries ripening in June. So of course, eating strawberries is TOP of this list! But what other activities can we do, to celebrate and harness this powerful peak in the celestial cycles? Here’s a handful of ideas:

A Strawberry Moon Herbal Tea Ceremony

The Strawberry Moon Herbal Tea Ceremony is a delightful and grounding ritual designed to honor the energy of the full moon, and cultivate a sense of gratitude.

It works by infusing the herbal tea with intentions of abundance and joy, and sharing gratitude with others. It’s a beautiful spiritual practice of creating a sacred space for reflection, appreciation, and spiritual nourishment. By savouring the earthy flavours of the tea and basking in the moonlight, magic can occur…!

Steps for the Strawberry Moon Herbal Tea Ceremony:

Step 1: Gather fresh strawberry leaves and other herbs such as mint or chamomile.

Step 2: Set up a cozy outdoor space with cushions and blankets under the moonlight.

Step 3: Begin the ceremony by expressing gratitude for the bountiful gifts of nature and the energy of the Strawberry Moon.

Step 4: Prepare a pot of strawberry leaf tea, infusing it with intentions of gratitude, abundance, and joy.

Step 5: As the tea steeps, take turns sharing moments of gratitude and joy with the group.

Step 6: Once the tea is ready, serve it to each participant, encouraging them to savor the delicious flavours and noticing the symbolism of the strawberry leaves as a representation of the fullness and richness of life.

Step 7: After the tea ceremony, spend some time stargazing, Moon gazing, and connecting with the energy of the Strawberry Moon.

List of 15 things to do during the full Strawberry Moon

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