Take a breath! The Full Moon in Pisces will rise on September 20th, 2021

This is the last sign of the Zodiac. The end of the cycle. But don’t get complacent.

This dreamy water sign, ruled by Neptune and empress of the unseen realms contains all that has come before. Pisces absorbs, consumes, devours every expression of zodiacal energy that has come before it, until they all swirl together in an unbounded and limitless sea…

Prefer to listen instead?

Hear me read the Pisces Full Moon transition to you aloud...

Under the Pisces Full Moon, the veils are thin

Allow what you feel, and what you know to be true without seeking proof, or needing explanations, to take up the larger part of your gaze. These intuitive hits are what provide the clearest paths on which to walk. Yes, intuition is King (or Queen) here.

When the Moon is Full, She brings a time of excess. When life’s creative and ecstatic energy spills over into fruition and ripeness: expressions of climactic chaos.

Yet here, She stays deeply, soulfully intuitive, and even in the ecstatic, climactic chaos of the Full Moon phase, remains connected to all that has been, and all that will be. 

Is life feeling a little hectic?

When life feels uncontrollable, this endless sea of Piscean calm is an energy to tap into. Because this is what will help make sense of these shifting, transformational times, and the SO many potentials that are being offered up.

If it feels like there are too many options, too many ideas and ideals, too many directions for life to flow in, that’s because there are!

The limitless nature of our human experience is becoming dazzlingly clear to many, as life’s dimensional planes noticeably overlap, timelines are weaving together more closely, and our potential to hop between them is becoming gradually, more strongly realized.

The Pisces Full Moon enhances our boundary-less state.

Our accumulated knowledge, the weight of collective experience is all adding up now, to a beautifully chaotic, imploding connectedness.

Everything and anything is possible.

It is all already happening.

Our work, our call to action amongst all of this, is to remove the blocks to realization. To take away the artificial walls, constructed by a fearful ego, and let the floodwaters through. THIS is what healing is.

Watch carefully for shadows at this Pisces Full Moon, because these are your lodestars, showing the way for where healing is needed.

So watch for triggers and instead of reacting to them, try to understand the wisdom they’re showing you. See the beacons they are, pointing to a place of pain, and the opportunity this brings.

Pisces is a sign of deep, deep healing. So do something to serve your own healing journey this Full Moon.

  • Have an energy healing: reiki, theta, acupuncture/pressure, crystal therapy or a session with an intuitive healer.
  • Shake or tap your blocks away (EFT is SO quietly powerful).
  • Write out your pain, either consciously by asking and answering direct questions, or try stream of consciousness writing.
  • Cry if you need to.
  • Sing, chant, or go somewhere remote and shout it out!

And above all, practice forgiveness.  Deep, heartfelt acceptance and forgiveness, towards yourself now, yourself yesterday, and towards all of the yous who are still to come.

This Pisces Moon holds a very powerful opportunity to cleanse, dissolve, rinse, refine, purify and wash away the bloody, messy debris that may still be clinging to the most dishevelled parts of our experiences … but you must allow her waters in.

Open up to your pain. Open up to your faults. And from this place of radical acceptance, the bright and expansive potentials of what is coming next will gain their clarity.

Full Moon blessings,


How is this Pisces Full Moon landing for you? 

And if you listened to the audio, did you like it?

Let me know in the comments!

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