Libra Full Supermoon: 7 Ways to beckon in cosmic order ( March 28th, 2021)

Full Moon in Libra on dark sky

Well Hello Libra Super Full Moon.. it’s very good to see you!

Just past the equinox, this Moon ushers in even more of the balancing energies that we all need SO much right now.

This Moon will be full at 8º of Libra, on Sunday, March 28th, at 19:48 in the UK (and 11:48 PT).

She will also be HUGE – a supermoon no less, as she swings especially close to Earth on her orbit.

This is a treat, so drop what you’re doing and go take a look. This is Moon gazing at it’s best.

The Libra Full Supermoon shows us what COULD be!

Just as the Moon pulls on the tides of the ocean even more strongly when this close, expect her to pull at your inner tides too: Your emotions, feelings, and sensitivities.

Yet Libra holds sway over the air.

Both the air up there in the sky, and elemental air, the air of the East that most earth-based cultures understand to bring in the dawn, the potential, the ideas, and the realms of possibility.

So this Supermoon maybe felt less as a tugging at your emotions and more as a yearning for what could be. For many, it will manifest as anticipation or expectation, as her dazzling silvery light illuminates the tipping point of what our world is so close to becoming.

Tipping points are this Moon’s specialty

Finding them, and sitting in their equilibrium for as long as possible. The zodiac sign of Libra rarely enjoys confrontation, preferring to keep smoothing feathers and maintaining the peace… Libra folks usually practice this diplomacy like an art.

In many of the ancient zodiacs (the Sumerians, and Egyptians, for eg – there are likely a LOT more across the globe we don’t have records for) Libra was typically – and literally – absorbed into Scorpio’s claws. It took a while for this archetype to even stand its own ground and become an entity of its own.

Which is telling.

Libran energy often brings danger of disappearing under the much louder voices and opinions of others.

I mean, why speak up when so many other folks have SUCH a lot to say? The world is a noisy place right now, isn’t it?

This Full Moon brings this to a head. To a climax – out there in the public spheres and internally too. Illumination will likely fall in the realms of your relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.
Showing up where the power balance lies.
Where it’s out of kilter with those Libran realms of possibility.
And where your voice isn’t being either heard OR expressed in the first place. Yes – this IS a time for taking responsibility for our own stories.

There’s a polarising identity that often gets attached to Libra.

Maybe it’s the scales. The definite sense of right and wrong – justice at it’s finest? But this Full Moon doesn’t feel as black and white to me. The world has moved on from this simplicity. And under the new dawn, Libra feels more like a blanket of equilibrium.

Instead of Libra harbouring divine justice, this Moon brings in cosmic order

In ancient Eqypt, the Goddess Maat – keeper of the scales – didn’t just rule over law and order. Her domain was the seasons and the stars, and she maintained the balance of the heavens. Yet I don’t think this is possible – deity or not – in just one fell swoop!

This Libran energy is about gently course correcting.

  1. Maintaining equilibrium through s-l-o-w excavation.
  2. Letting go of the dead weight.
  3. Picking up something new.
  4. Putting back what wasn’t the right choice.
  5. Testing the loudness of your voice.
  6. Turning the volume down a little…
  7. Turning it back up.

Libra teaches us that nothing is stationary.

Life does not stand still, and balance is actually a constant state of flux.

That is safe to change, make new choices and then change them.

READ MORE about the Moon in Libra (on a *normal* day!) HERE

A grand air trine to inspire!

It’s not only the supermoon activating elemental air at this Full Moon.

Saturn is at 11º of Aquarius, and Mars at 14º of Gemini, both forming a loose trine to the Moon at 8º of Libra. These are strong planetary forces. Saturn and Mars are both impelling us to act, to use our willpower and discipline and stick to the task. This is a heady combination of inspiration and action, meaning that if you channel your intention at this Full Moon, reality will respond.

Venus opposes (and brings a baseline of beauty)

Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, sits in direct opposition to the Moon at 8º of Aries (conjunct the Sun). This expands and infuses our motivations with love.

What is the sense in doing any of this, if it doesn’t bring more beauty to the world?

Imbued with sacred feminine energy, Venus and her rose remind us here that despite the fight, the drive, the desire for change, the bedrock is beauty. And beauty isn’t only about how life looks on the outside – we are working for a world that bleeds beauty from every pore.

In every exchange.

In every nudge and whisper.

Start here.

Full Moon blessings… AND let me know in the comments below if you’re feeling the great changes in the world right now. Are you ready to bring beauty back to the fore? ⬇️

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