Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo 10th/11th Feb 2017

Very early on Saturday morning (at 00:32 GMT) we will witness a penumbral eclipse of the Moon, at 22º of Leo.  This means that just the outer part of the shadow of the Earth (the penumbra) will fall over the face la Luna, momentarily blocking her otherwise fully-lit face.

Eclipses remind us not to get complacent.

Eclipses come just when we are falling into danger of sitting back on our heels and letting our worlds unfurl around us, without involving quite enough of our own conscious creation.

They come to  add a vital element that we don’t always allow into our seemingly very ordered and societally structured lives – the element of the unexpected.

The unexpected can be unsettling, frightening and feel chaotic and ominous, especially if we have learnt to view it as the enemy, preferring instead, the safety of what is steady and secure (even though this steadiness, this secureness, is so often completely illusory).

Eclipses rock our boats.  They throw events, information and people, at us, to disrupt our normal, and cause us to question what we base our notions of normal on, anyway.

It’s little wonder that our ancestors feared eclipses, that their occurrences were anticipated and watched with wary and suspicious eyes.

But here’s the thing:  the Universe, the astrology, the Source that keeps this whole set of wheels turning does not move backwards.

Evolution only moves in one direction.

We are not allowed to not advance.

SO when unexpected events are placed upon our paths, it’s never to hinder, inhibit or impede.  Rather, they offer challenges from which to grow.  New perspectives from which to stand, and see.  And opportunities to shed the parts of OURSELVES that stand in our own way of seeing clearly, and of greeting those challenges with grace and integrity.  This may mean shedding attitudes, beliefs, illusions.  Or it may mean shedding fears, and allowing bravery and courage to seed instead.

Eclipse season can, for some, mean a bumpy or a steep uphill climb, but the rewards are real.  The two-week portal between eclipses (which always come in pairs – the next New Moon will also be a solar eclipse) can be vitally important agents for change, providing really powerful windows for radical growth and leaps in personal evolution.  So it’s wise to keep a few tools in our back pockets, with which to navigate eclipse energies.

Here are some to hold onto:

  • Try to receive change, not resist it.
  • Surrender: Release the desire to forge on through work and life determinedly, and instead allow things to unfold around you.
  • That said, if you are feeling driven to work, then work.  If you are feeling driven to play, then play.  And if you are feeling driven to rest, then rest.
  • Don’t expect to have all the answers.  We can easily interpret the energy of change that eclipses carry with confusion and doubt, causing us to cling even more tightly to control and to needing to know what comes next, and why. But uncertainty isn’t a bad thing – nothing is certain during times of transition, it’s the nature of the process.
  • Get close to Mother Earth.  Connect with her to allow your own bodily rhythms to harmonize and re-calibrate, so you can tune in to any subtle changes being presented you.
  • Unplug from technology as much as you can – re-harmonize yourself and your OWN electromagnetic field, for the same reasons.

Stay conscious of yourself, your surroundings, your reactions, for the next two weeks (and beyond: the eclipse ‘shadow’ does extend further).  But try not to act upon the events of this time, yet.  This is because there will be information relating to the discoveries and unveilings of this time, which will not be fully revealed, until much later. (So, for example, if you discover that someone has been lying to you, then hold fire on appointing your blame and punishment! The true motives and circumstances behind their behavior may come to light later and change everything).

And the heavy fire energy during this lunar eclipse is likely to make us feel the need to act and either ignite and set free, or burn and destroy, what we are seeing transpire around us.

But remain cautious.

Slow down.

There is no need to rush at this time.

BE illuminated – the Moon is Full!

And lunar Fullness calls on our full presence too, as observers and witnesses of what need to rise up to the surface of our experience.

Sending you Full Moon blessings,


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