Capricorn Full Moon – Bring Boundaries to your Dreams (June 24, 2021)

On Thursday, June 24th, the Full Moon will rise at 3º of Capricorn, sign of the sea-goat

This zenith of this cycle comes whisperingly close to the summer solstice, or Litha (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). As the Sun basks in Cancer, la Luna rises as His sacred opposite holding a steady gaze in the earth sign of Capricorn.

Both of these signs straddle water and land…

The scuttling crab, shell on her back, at ease in both elements. And the sea-goat: native of the mountain peaks, yet mythically adorned with a fishes tail.

The sea-goat is a truly ancient archetype that we don’t often see in this world anymore – both rooted into the Earth AND flowing with the oceans.

Capricorn – from where La Luna offers her illuminating glare this week – holds these two threads of belonging

Astrologers will tell you the Moon is in her detriment here, and this is an uncomfortable placement. But isn’t a lot of life uncomfortable, right now? Many of us are being squeezed between a rock and a hard place –  being asked to choose between the mountains and the sea, between hoofs and scales, between climbing and diving.

…And these choices are impossible!

So how about we choose both?

Capricorn shows us it’s possible.

It IS possible to gaze to the future… and create a new and valuable past.

As an ancient, mysterious, and often misunderstood sign, Capricorn brings medicine of the old times. It’s an energy that holds structure, like the skeletons of our bodies – the bones that will remain long after tissue, muscle, and sinew decay into the good, dark soil.

The Full Moon in Capricorn slows down time

Hure, she illuminates legacy, lasting effects, and what will remain.

This Full Moon asks us to reach far, far into our future and see it as the past that one day will be behind us.

When the soft skin and clean nails are long gone, when the shiny smiles and picture-perfect moments have finished, She asks us: what will remain? What will you have left behind?

Full Moons always bring illumination

They shine a light on those parts of our lives that usually remain in the shadows, so that we can make new choices.

↠ Will you carry on as you have been? Or will you let that go?

↠ Will you carry the weight even further? Or will you put it down now?

↠ Will you keep holding that seed of potential in your hands? Or will you plant it, water it, and let it grow?

Capricorn brings the building blocks to manifest

To create real tangible, actual things in the world around you! But to make them last, this Moon asks that you weave together those two strands – Earth and water. Matter and feeling.

Feeling is the part that often gets left behind under this Moon – Capricorn can make this an uncomfortable edge, so the thinking mind gets free rein, while the emotional stream and the wisdom of the feminine gets left behind.

La Luna is urging us to blend the two.

To use the magnetism of the Moon to bring boundaries to your dreams…

Structure to your imaginings…

Methods for your aspirations to become your work in the world…

There is a deep, chthonic energy stream that comes with Capricorn

The easy route up from the Earth is to channel this into a head-down, hardworking approach, all goals and measures, charts, and achievement. But the easy route hasn’t been working for some time now, has it? SO instead, it’s time to flow with the heart, the body, and the wisdom of the old ways. Give those parts of the whole as much import as the mind. If not more.

To try another way, and let that pave the path for what will be…



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