The second Full Moon in Aquarius this year will rise on August 22nd, 2021, at 29º of the zodiac sign of the water bearer

Aquarius is an archetype of our times.

This zodiac sign brings a forward-focused and revolutionary breeze. It is both collectively minded and fiercely independent. It stands up unapologetically for the truth, and is always willing to shake things up, to ensure it rises to the surface.

Many of our ancestors believed the area of the skies from which this archetype came, to be the heavenly sea. Not necessarily water-filled, but potential-filled. Almost like air: A kind of spiritual, pranic sea of possibility… Which gives more sense as to why Aquarius is an Air sign, despite its watery symbolism.

Whilst water quenches, running across the surface of the Earth, dripping into every crevice it meets, air rises. Air expands, seeking new spaces to fill. And like the truth, even if you can’t see it in plain sight, you know it’s everywhere. It will fill you up. But as soon as it’s taken away, we all suffocate within moments.

So it is with Aquarian energy and it’s why I love this archetype so much.

Aquarius sees where society is suffocating inside its own smallness

It feels out where the truth of the individual, and the structures that hold the collective together collide. It’s often a personal battle and therefore a root of this sign’s strength. And because Aquarius knows so intimately how this paradox feels, it’s best placed of all the signs to uncover new ways for them both to coexist.

Aquarius Moons can do this, because they’re connected to the upper realms.

To higher consciousness, 5D… to Spirit. So when the Full Moon rises in Aquarius, She taps us into multiplicity, and we stop being bound by what our conditioning tells us is possible.

This Full Moon is visionary!

… And put simply – it’s what we need right now.

Moons like this shake us awake from our sleepy acceptance. They bring illumination, disclosure and they shine awareness into places we may think we already have it, but actually have the wool pulled down low over our eyes.

Where in your life is this the case? Of course, it’s an impossible question –the nature of personal blind spots is that we can’t see what’s in them! BUT Full Moons offer a pause, a moment to sit inside the present and feel into what’s out of resonance. Just like how it’s possible to find stillness when standing at the centre of a storm (which, let’s be honest, is what life feels like most days).

When you go there, when you’re brave enough to stop what you’re doing, and stand in the quiet center– are you standing in your power? Are you in your Aquarian power?

The zodiac is a progression.

And here in Aquarius, la Luna is rising very close to the end of the cycle. It’s a place of maturity (maturity beyond Capricorn!) and the power held here goes far beyond the individual BY expanding, and not by controlling. There’s a HUGE but subtle difference.

Have you realised it?

You can tell the folks that have reached this point on their journey because they’re not trying to control. Instead, expansion shines from their faces.

Yet, brightly as the Full Moon shines this week, She’ll also cast shadows. And these may just as easily trip you up if you’re not careful.

Here’s how NOT to get snagged in the shadow of the Aquarius Full Moon…

Understand that you can’t control other people

Unresolved Aquarian energy has a superiority complex. It can lead us to believe we know what’s best for others. It’s a very common pitfall for those who have overactive upper energy centres in the body – assumptions, judgments, and vanity. Watch out for these.

Don’t neglect you body

Again, the rising consciousness of this Moon can very quickly empty out the body, so that her wisdom gets neglected. Embodiment practices and grounding into the Earth can be SO, so useful under an Aquarius Moon. Prioritise staying anchored, and this will also help to actually bring those visions down Earth.

Hold onto YOUR frequency

Aquarian energy is electric. Literally.

You may find yourself getting sucked into tech during this lunar phase, momentarily losing your grip on the material plane. It’s easy to do. So try to unplug. Hold onto your own frequency, and help yourself by getting outside as much as you can.

Notice emotional detachment

Under an Aquarius Full Moon, we can easily cut off from our emotions. It doesn’t sound right, I know – Full Moons usually swell our feelings up to the surface, but under this astrology, it can go the other way. So be wary of becoming too detached from others, and the impact this can have on your relationships.

Are you ready to let this Full Moon lead the way into a bright new future?

Full Moon blessings, friend.


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