Here we are. Winter solstice, the darkest day of the year…

Often seen as a “low point”, something to get through, in order to find the light. But skipping past this darkness is a mistake.

Like the dark Moon phase, the winter solstice is a mysterious, liminal time of deep decay, death, chaos, and regeneration. We need the darkness. Darkness is where life comes from – the Spirit of the dark was our first ally in this world when we each slept in the wombs of our mothers.

This year the energy of the winter solstice (+ the season it brings) feels more resonant than ever before

It’s a mirror of my inner world: A space of surrender to an endless cascade of mini-deaths. And also of hope. Of hope despite the knowledge that we are in a time of transformation that is utterly unrecognizable.

In this darkness – the inner and the outer – I am both restless and resting.

I am crying with grief for all that has gone, and stirring with strength, resolve and a ferocity that I know isn’t ego…

Like the primal force of childbirth (that any woman who’s given birth will know) there’s a point in the life-death cycle when something transcendent takes over. That’s how this feels – when you don’t think you can go on; when you feel you’ve already given every last drop of yourself, when the end it close, but still too far away to touch…

Something else moves in.

It is the dark feminine

I know She is the rising force I am feeling.

And I think this is the force the world is calling in, maybe unconsciously right now, but the yearning is there – the yearning for that sweeping and ferocious renewal that will clear these messy decks and jumpstart the new world.

I see a lot of people still holding onto the illusion of control (and also giving that willingly away, believing it’s still a concept at all).

The revival will come…

It will. The last and sinister rally cry of our crumbling system is so treacherous to the human soul.

But the dark feminine is rising more strongly: She’s moving in from the margins of our communities, and growing in the bellies of the women who know their children need protecting.

Her initiation may not be easy for you…

She’s asking you to find your voice.

To stand up for your sacred rights.

To not comply with measures designed to sever you from your humanity…

Nobody grants you freedom, my friend.

The dark feminine is a wild, undomesticated, uninhibited stream of life-force energy, and with her as your ally, you are free… no permission needed.

Feel that. 

Know that.

Feel her.

On the darkest day of the year, the dark feminine is here… and her power is growing.

Solstice blessings to you,


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