Why did the Divine Feminine Fall on Planet Earth?

I am SURE you’ve heard about the rise of the Divine Feminine on planet Earth? About the Goddess, and her return…?

There’s been SO much written about this subject over the past couple of years. And so many healers, coaches, and self-proclaimed experts who have made it their life’s work to assist the Sacred feminine’s return.

But the Sacred / Divine Feminine (I’ll use those terms interchangeably) is mysterious, slippery, and very hard to pin down. Her nature is ever-changing, multi-faceted and often pretty subjective too.

The way She shows up for me, will be different for the way She shows up for you.

Don’t Archetypes of the Goddess all look the same?

Goddess archetypes are incredible in their potency, yet also serve the very real purpose of being anchor points for our attention, almost like compressed energetic ideas that we can share and agree on when talking about specific sacred feminine principles.

The Celtic Goddess Brigid is universally recognizable, for her flame-red hair, for example. And even in the West, Kali the Hindu Goddess of sacred destruction is unmistakable.

Yet internally for each of us, divine feminine energy is rising in ways that are unique to us all. And that is her magic.

But before we go there, I want to talk about what happened. I think this is interesting because I’m a bit of a geek. But also because learning from history (her-story) IS literally that – learning. And in recognizing what happened to the feminine, we may be able to untangle the threads of harm and suppression that still exist in the world today. 

Let’s go back 13 Thousand Years…

There used to be an interdependency between the Sacred Feminine, and the Sacred Masculine.

In civilizations of old, the Goddess was honoured, revered, and protected. The people knew that her sacred cycles kept the wheel of life spinning, and that together Mother Earth and Father Sky held all in balance.

This isn’t just some poetic ideal of the way things were. In the matrilinial civilizations of our deep past, manifestations of masculine and feminine energy worked in dynamic unity to protect people and earth, living lives that were rich in joy, magic and celebration!

But then something happened. Thirteen thousand years ago, to be precise (and the reason it’s been this length of time becomes clear below) this interdependency began to swing drastically out of balance. This is when the Divine Feminine aspect, visible in all things, began her decline into virtual disempowerment.

What this means is those feminine energetic qualities of receptivity, openness, and nurturing, along with healing, renewal, interconnectedness, intuition, and wisdom, plus many, many more, lost their potency in the lives of humans, on Earth. The human creation that continued to happen here, happened using less and less of these qualities, resulting in less and less of these qualities.


This disempowerment wasn’t caused, as many believe, by the rising and over-powering effects of Divine Masculine energies. 

Think about it:  The near obliteration of women’s mysteries and the value of intuitive and innate knowledge, the suppression of women’s rights, the destruction of female traditions … these are not outcomes created by anyone owning true power, or of anything that could be described as ‘Divine’.

In all of this time, the Divine Masculine has been just as lost as the Feminine

Our histories are hugely complex, but I honestly believe this is a huge part of the reason why Earth has become so damaged, and why societal structures are continuing to break down.

We have all been living through not just an energetic imbalance but also an almost total disempowerment of both energetic essences.

Humanity forgot how to be powerfully, divinely feminine, and how to be powerfully, divinely masculine.

But remember, this is the way it was supposed to be, and now things are changing.

You’ll probably remember the date 21/12/2012, which was given for the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. THis was the culmination of the almost 26,000 year Grand Cycle (so our 13,000-year decline is equal to one half of the Grand Mayan Cycle).

Adding to astrological synchronicity, this time coincided with the completion of the Precession of the Equinoxes (an astrological phenomenon explained here).  Can you remember when the media was full of ‘End of the World’ style headlines? (And when the world didn’t end, the Mayan prophecies were shamefully mocked by many).

This time also marked an event known as ‘Galactic Synchronisation’, which described the solstice sunrise aligning with the equator of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  This meant that on our darkest day, the suns rays shone directly into the galactic core of the Milky Way (just below what is known as the ‘Dark Rift’, where there is believed to be a black hole).

For those that understood, the 21/12/2012 Mayan Prophecy foretold the end of one world age, and the birth of another.

The date marked the tipping point, imperceptible to many, of the ascendency of the Divine Feminine.

But, the age we are entering is not one where the Divine Feminine will reign supreme, or overtake the Divine Masculine.  Balance and ascendency of both is required, but first we must help the sacred feminine to begin her rise.

The world TODAY

Right now, we’re still operating from polarity consciousness.

Maybe you’ve heard or read about Unity Consciousness as something that exists, and something we’ll eventually attain, but right now, for the majority of humans, everything we perceive has an equally opposing force or value. This means that light is paired with dark, good with bad, male with female, God with Goddess…. etc.

The God – Goddess polarity is one pairing that we haven’t spoken of much in the last few thousand years

…at least not in Western Civilizations, and certainly not as an integral part of our faith systems. But none-the-less,  in polarity consciousness, it’s not possible to perceive God, without accepting the existence of the Goddess, and this is becoming the truth for a lot of people now.

What also comes with fresh, modern, critical (or perhaps they’re eyes looking through lenses containing ancient, remembered beliefs?) is not a vision of our Gods or Goddesses, manifesting as grey-haired deities sitting in clouds, all-seeing, all-knowing and almost all damning.

The Divine is not sitting “up there” in heaven.

There is a sacred presence weaving through every single thing here on Earth, including us.  We too contain the divine. Both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies (and I want to clarify how these kinds of discussions are NOT intended to be discussions of gender).

This fundamental duplexity of the masculine/feminine gives rise to SO MANY manifested forms and expressions on Earth.. it’s not only about people!! These energies express through e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

 Examples are unending, and ways the two forces synthesize are rarely clear-cut.

Here’s one example: If you think of a pride of lions, the lionesses are the hunters, strategically working together to encircle their prey before they express ‘masculine’ energies, in the boldness and power of making a short, sharp kill.  In the meantime, the males of the pack are taking care of, and nurturing the young, manifesting, or channeling ‘feminine’ energies.

Here’s another example: Picture a decaying forest floor, open and receptive to the elements. I recently watched a really beautiful film made in this environment, that captured the movement of mushrooms springing up, penetrating the forest floor of leaves and mulch, as the first visible signs of life and rejuvenation. The complex interplay of masculine and feminine energetic forces, of the yielding and the vigour, working together, was stunning.

It is clear that a balance between the divine masculine, and the divine feminine exists in nature, and it’s beautiful.

Not imagine bringing this model of interplay into the realm of humans, with the God/Goddess standard, and we can see how beautiful life could be!!

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