Do you stop yourself from saying what you mean?

Do you panic, and struggle to get the words out?

Do you people please? Agreeing with others instead of saying what you *know* to be true?

Why is it SO hard to speak freely as a woman? …Especially if your perspective is even *slightly* different from the mainstream narrative?

I work with women who are seeking the answer to this question.

Figuring it out for yourself may take you down the path of (her)story… To times and places centuries ago, when it was categorically unsafe for the woman of your lineage to speak of their work, practices, and beliefs about the world. When sharing the truth meant torture and death – of themselves, their friends, children and families.

This kind of fear doesn’t disappear.

It gets buried. Hidden. Pushed down deep, and made invisible.

Made invisible in the fabric of our bodies. In our blood and bones, wound in the threads of memory that they hold, woven from one generation to the next. And on. And on. And on.

So if you still hold this fear – and most of us do – it may be rooted in what’s called “the Witch wound”.

The Witch Wound?

That fear of standing up and speaking up may be so strong NOT because you’re not confident, brave, practiced, or experienced enough. It may well exist for you because generations of women ALSO felt it in their bodies… and your body came from their bodies.

The experiences of your ancestors are still informing how YOU experience life.

Their memories are still colouring what YOU believe you’re capable of (or susceptible to) in this lifetime. Your lifetime.

Unravelling these ancestral threads is deep work.

It’s not easy but it’s a wild, wild, and transformational ride. And going this deep is how we will really shift the patterns and heal the fear.

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