Monday IS the Moon’s day

In Roman, this is: dies lunae. Day of the Moon.⁠

Our English word comes from the Anglo-Saxon: Mōnandæg, also “the Moon’s day.” ⁠

So….. This is a day to honour all things lunar, whatever that means for you. ⁠

One of the things I personally *most* love about the Moon is her flowing, her changing, her refusal to stand still… ⁠

It reminds me to honour the changing aspects in other people – we flow, we adapt, we interface with our environments and circumstances in every changing moments. ⁠Meaning we must change, perpetually re-shaping ourselves around the changes out there. As within, so without.⁠

In some old folkloric traditions, those wishing to conceive a baby were advised to try on a Monday. As the Goddess of motherhood, la Luna would look favourably on those harnessing her mysterious powers of fertility on her day.⁠

Spellwork is also encouraged. Rituals and ceremonies invoking the ancient feminine are believed to f-l-y when performed on this day, as again, la Luna looks favourably on those who honour her sacred timing.⁠

OR, my friends… throw “shoulds” out this window and flow to your own rhythm, Surely this is the most devotional act of all?! 😉⁠

What does YOUR Moon-day map look like? Tell me below! ⬇️⁠

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