Our Moon sails on through Sagittarius today, the sign of the archer, and we are past the astrological point where this cycle began.


This Moon brings a wandering, seeking energy, but not of the aimless, meandering kind.  This sign is on a search for higher planes of experience, so the journey is as important … probably more so … as the destination.

It’s ok not to know the details about where we are heading.

This sign can create a restlessness, a need to move on, whether in our mental, philosophical, ideological realms, or out in our physical, actual realms.  But try to make sure that this restlessness and itchy-footedness does not cause you to reject what is really a precious and firm footing today.  Sometimes we can forget the value and stability that sameness and roots and familiarity can bring.  If you need to stretch your wings and discover new ground today, do so without rejecting what you already have.

Help to anchor yourself today, by practicing a grounding exercise, connecting energetically to your roots (strengthening your geographical, earth connection AND your connection to the eternal you, that you can always trust and rely on).

So at some point during the day, take a moment to yourself.

Take a few deep breaths, and release attachment to the thoughts in your mind.

Now focus on your heart, on its physical presence within your physical body, and move your conscious awareness there.

Feel the soft strength of this place, stick with it, sink into it, be engulfed by it.

Now see or sense a sphere of light, there in your heart.

Allow it to turn into a shining beam, stretching down through each of your lower chakras and through your root, and down into the earth below.  Feel its light spreading out, over the surface of the earth, and deeper into her body, merging with her and connecting you both.

Sense and know the timelessness of you both.

Wherever you go, however far you wander, whether in physical exploration, or deep into your psyche, know that your connection to the Great Mother will never cease.

She will guide and protect you always.


Lunar blessings