Luna moved into the air sign Aquarius early this morning (at 01:28 GMT) so expect thoughts, ideas, visions and perceptions to take precedence during this emerging lunar phase.

Aquarius is not led by feeling, so this is not a day to expect emotion or intuition to guide. Listen instead to your logic.

Let the mind show you the way.

One of Aquarius’ gifts is that our thoughts and our ideals can be driven higher, so that our plans and goals for a better, truer, more worthwhile incarnation can extend further than the edges of our own lives.

Together, we are stronger.

Aquarius knows this, and encourages this, reminding us that OUR piece of the puzzle has real value.

SO today, let your gifts, your uniqueness, your opinions and perspectives move through you, and be present.  Releasing them to the world allows others to do the same.

So if you are still working on intentions for the month, or beyond, and are seeking the worth in your work, know that aiming to fulfil YOUR worth is the best use of your time, energy and magic.

Allow Aquarius’ progressive drive and spirit lead the way today, and your efforts will be serving us all.


Lunar blessings,