Merry Christmas beautiful souls!

I hope you have a happy, relaxing day planned, but are going to be equally relaxed if plans go awry and the day takes a pace and plan of its own … Luna is moving Void-of-Course through Scorpio today (from 07:21 GMT) and not entering her next sign – Sagittarius – until 03:18 on Monday morning.

Scorpio is the Moon’s ‘Fall’ sign.

She doesn’t do great here: and our own lunar qualities of flow, receptivity and relational comfort and empathy are not expressed with ease.

So  B E  V E R Y  C A R E F U L  today.

Be careful about what you say, and who you say it to.  If you want to be honest, if you want to speak your mind, if you want to let it all come out, then try to see with compassionate eyes and speak with only the kindest of words.  Tact may elude you, unless you try very hard, especially if you are spending time with people who challenge you today.

YOU have been warned!

But this Moon does have the potential for some wild fun times, passionate encounters and radically honest heart-to-heart connections too, it will all depend on how YOU approach the day, the people, and the spirit.

So I hope you choose bountiful joy, pleasure, companionship, deliciousness and LOVE!

Christmas blessings to you and your family