Happy and Blessed New Year!

The calendar begins again, our numerology shifts and our collective gear moves on and up!

Luna waxes through Aquarius today, an air sign of ideas, of sharing, and of a deep love and affection for others.  It will feel good to be with people today.  And if not connecting with them on a deep and emotional level, then engaging in ways which will keep our kindred concerns alive and healthy.


This is a great day to be out of doors, in fresh air and in expanses of natural space.  Under Aquarius Moons, we can sometimes drift away from our bodies, aloft on the breeze of our ideas and our need to be of human service, so finding perspective can be a useful tool.  Feeling the enormity of nature, allowing it to encompass us from above, or cradle us from below as we gaze upon it, from a wide open plane, or a beautiful height, are wonderful antidotes to the spread-out, expanded states that may otherwise creep up.


Enjoy the day!

Don’t be serious … Aquarius Moons can sometimes focus on the importance and weight of our intentions and drive, but don’t let this over-ride how you are feeling about the day.


This year is beginning with a progressive and future focused lunar signature.  Let us DIVE IN!