Could your golden shadow be exactly what the world needs?**

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Everyone has a shadow! There’s nothing unique about that… But what IS more unusual, is being the kind of person who’s willing to sift through it. The kind of person who believes that yes, the shadow holds much more than darkness… it also contains precious glimmers of golden potential..

What is the Shadow?

Let’s do a really quick re-cap on what the shadow is…

It was the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung who first coined the term “Shadow Self”, meaning: The unknown, unconscious side of the psyche. This is a side that we ALL have, but it’s hidden, so we’re entirely unaware of what it holds.

Jung understood that in order to fit into society, we needed to hide certain parts of ourselves – usually the most primal, unpredictable, raw, and uncomfortable parts – and instead embrace only what we’re told is ‘acceptable’.

We tend to learn this as children, pretty quickly – it’s how we get what we need from the adults around us.

The process of embracing the ‘acceptable’ parts of ourselves, and suppressing the ‘unacceptable’ parts is called fragmentation

…And it’s by fragmenting ourselves, – which isn’t usually as painful as it sounds! – that you and I were able to grow up and integrate into society. In fact, society tends not to accept people who don’t do this.

Fragmentation is a form of ‘conditioning’.

It’s how you know that throwing tantrums as adults is not okay.
And smiling and saying thank you for gifts is.

Fragmentation is usually an entirely automatic and unconscious process – we don’t even know that our shadow is forming. But it is –  gradually over time, from the accumulated “unacceptable’ pieces that we each suppress in ourselves. Whilst the ‘acceptable’ pieces go on to form the ego.

A light twin.

And a dark twin.

You can read more about the shadow HERE…

Your scary, scary shadow…. Or is it?

Just as your conscious self (that’s the YOU that you’re aware of) contains many, many different qualities, traits, aspects, dimensions, shades, and nuances, so does your shadow. Even though it lives in the unconscious, your shadow is also comprised of many, many different qualities, traits, aspects, dimensions, shades, and nuances.

Some more primal than others…

Some more unpredictable, rawer, and more uncomfortable than others…

But some fragments of your shadow are NOT actually that scary after all…

Your Golden Shadow

Sometimes what’s contained in the shadow isn’t dark, frightening, or dangerous.

Sometimes, a quality, skill or characteristic may have been put there, suppressed, in a long-forgotten corner of the unconscious because it felt a little uncomfortable at some point in your past…

BUT today, it’s the opposite.

Actually, it’s utterly golden. Full of strength, beauty, power, and potential… And it could be the very thing you NEED for your life to thrive… not to mention what our world needs!

Shadow fragments like these – and we all have them – are called the golden shadow.

Why do GOLDEN fragment of our personalities end up in the shadow?!

It’s not okay.. but you can probably understand (in the larger context of human history + society) when shadows form out of parts of our personalities that are deemed hard to handle.

  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Vulnerability
  • Laziness
  • Cruelty

BUT why would anything ‘positive’ or beneficial to a person be put into their shadow? Why would you put a trait you actually need in there?!

Well…. It’s subjective, isn’t it?

And the conditioning we receive ins’t always there to benefit the individual – as you must know by now, societal norms tend to prioritize collective expectations, not individuals.

Here’s an example:

Imagine a little boy who’s an incredible dancer.

But in school, he wriggles all the time and can’t sit still and concentrate because all his body wants to do is move.
This is not okay in a class of 30 children, so he is punished for fidgeting – losing his playtime. The more this happens, the more he is ‘conditioned’ to believe that the natural flow and rhythm of his body is what gets him in trouble. So he suppresses it… And his ability to dance gets plunged into his shadow.

Dancing isn’t unacceptable. But the conditioning placed on him by his school, aka society, told his subconscious that it is. So his ability to dance became a shadow trait…. A golden shadow trait.

This same kind of fragmentation could happen with any number of creative, expressive urges

…In fact, often it’s some form of creativity that becomes part of your golden shadow because creativity is wild, unpredictable, expressive, loud, colourful, and free….

And these are exactly the kinds of traits that larger society tends NOT to favour. (Think that’s not true? Where do governments always make their first funding cuts?)

Golden shadow traits also form because they can be threatening to others. If your light is shining too brightly, then other people may want to put it out, lest you tread on their toes on the way up…

Our own potential can also scare us.
The famous Marianne Williamson quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”. Speaks of the golden shadow so clearly…

So we self-sabotage, in order to protect ourselves from the perceived threat of our own potential success… and that golden shadow forms!

How can you find (and free!) your golden shadow?

Like ALL shadow work, seeking your golden shadow is a practice of self-awareness.

The very nature of the shadow is that it’s hidden – you can’t see what’s in yours! But you CAN start to piece it together by what you project onto others. This is especially revealing when it comes to the golden shadow. So a great starting point when working with your golden shadow, is looking for positive projections.

How to detect your own positive projections

Ask yourself…

  • Who do you admire?
  • Who do you envy?
  • Who do you idolise?

When you’ve landed on someone, write down the qualities they have that stand out to you.

  • What is it about this person that draws you in?
  • What do you admire/envy/idolise especially?
  • What is it about them, that activates you?

Try to hone in on some specifics, and write those down…

The more emotion you feel in your body when you do this activity, the more likely those traits are inside your golden shadow. Yep – that’s right. Those qualities that you SO desire aren’t out there somewhere, they’re actually within YOU! The only difference is, that you’ve got used to denying yourself access to them… but that’s about to change!

How to reclaim (+ integrate) your golden shadow

Shadow integration is a gentle process. It’s also something you need to do carefully, because when shadow fragments have been in the unconscious landscape for a long time, they become distorted. And you want to ensure you straighten them out before integration.

This usually happens over time. And requires a whole lot of honesty and self-awareness, before calling that golden fragment back up the scale from being disowned, to being accepted, embraced, appreciated, and eventually loved and nurtured.

When you can SEE the part of your shadow fully, it’s no longer shadow.

It becomes conscious.

This is what emotional healing is, and it’s how we expand ourselves and what we’re capable of in the world!

Do you want to explore your own golden shadow?

Do you want to discover what’s been long buried in your unconscious, and shine a light your hidden potential?

Join me on this 13-day journey into the heart of your Honeyed Shadow!