Our Moon moved signs into Libra (at 02:29 GMT) and our Sun has also moved signs, entering into Capricorn today.

So you may feel a slight shift, as the mutable signs give way to the cardinal, and the overarching energy brought by these two luminaries shifts from being flexible, adaptable and responsive, to more initiating, ambitious and self-motivating.

Libra sees things from the point of view of the other.  It’s comfort and security comes from balancing its own pioneering spirit with the acceptance and agreement of another (and without receiving this, the delicate equilibrium of Libra may disappear altogether).

So today you may need reassurance.

If you work, or spend your days, alone, you may need to go out and find yourself some company, to hear some opinions, find some concordance, similarity, relating and connection.


AND, it is the solstice today!

Even greater reason to find company, and share the day!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is at its lowest ebb, this is the shortest day.  And down in the Southern Hemisphere the Sun is sharing its longest hours of light with you.

Mark this important seasonal day, whilst also channelling Luna’s libran influence, by incorporating the element of air into your ritual.  This will will work to activate and enhance whatever you do, for example:

  • Diffuse essential oils
  • Bake
  • Open a window, allowing the wind to blow through and refresh your home
  • Drum, rattle, sing or chant
  • Practice breathwork
  • Symbolically fly a kite, or release paper lanterns.

In the New Year (early Springtime) I will be starting a brand new online program (more in-depth guidance, but also more interactive) and gathering a virtual tribe to delve more deeply into the practices of ritual and lunar magic.

So stay tuned … more information will follow soon!

Solstice blessings to you,