Once a month (we’re talking lunar months here) Luna moves through Sagittarius, the sign ruled by expansive and all-encompassing Jupiter.

This planet oversees the parts of our lives concerned by religion, beliefs and faiths. By their people, texts, paraphernalia, plus the order and structure that these can all bring into our lives.

So under a Sagittarius Moon, you have an opportunity to look closely at the ways you include some of these concepts and materials in your life on a very personal level.

One small thing you can do under a Sagittarius Moon, to make use of the very particular energy, by creating, improving or freshening up a personal altar for use within your own spiritual practice.

There are SO many different types of altar, and as many different reasons that people have them.

From being a simple point of focus and contemplation, being ‘power’ points which can be used to raise energy and charge spells, crystals or other power objects, to being devotional spaces for honouring deities or ancestors. Some people even swear by altars to money for bringing in hard cash.

If you don’t have an altar at home, think about whether creating one could help you to add more sacredness to your day.  You don’t need to be spell-casting, praying, or spending hours in devotion each day, but having somewhere specific to pause, with the intent of connecting with the divine in a disciplined way can create really enormous shifts!

You want more of a sacred connection? THIS is how!

Your Altar is a Symbol of YOU!

For some cultures and peoples, a personal altar is a totem of the person who keeps it. It’s a projection of your own sacredness, replete with symbols of nourishment, support, guidance, family, wealth, and magical tools and significant objects as extensions of the body. So if your altar is sitting in an ignored corner of the room gathering dust, what does it say about how you’re looking after yourself?

If you DO have an altar set up already, think carefully about whether it’s still serving its purpose for you, and whether the objects it holds still retain their potency and significance for you. Is each one still earning its keep?

And are you consciously interacting with your altar each day?

If not, why not?

Simple Altar Building… and I Mean Really Simple!

It can be so simple to create an altar, you just need to begin with a base and some beautiful, meaningful objects.

  • A small wooden stool, shelf or table would be traditional, but you could use an upturned box, a chair, a big smooth stone or even a stack of books.
  • Examples of objects you may like to use are:
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Fresh flowers, fruit or a plant
  • Shells
  • Feathers or bones
  • Art, photographs or jewellery

First, clean your base, and place your objects onto it, with a clear intent for the purpose of your altar (daily connection with the Goddess, for example). Arrange them in such a way that the feel right to you.  Add or remove objects as you want to.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this!

Intuition is absolutely key.

So trust your instincts.

If you do go on to use your altar for another significant purpose, then change its contents and design accordingly. OR why not set up another?

Using your altar and interacting with it daily will really help to guide you.

Have fun with this!




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