Lunar Alchemy: What is Moon Water and How to Make it 💦

Moon water in night sky

Moon water is a simple yet powerful way to connect with the energies of the moon and harness its power for your own purposes. When water is ritually placed under the moon overnight, it’s believed to absorb the energy of the moon.

By charging your own water under the light of the moon, you can create a potent tool for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth.

Moon water has been used for centuries in various spiritual and magical practices. Many magical and cunning folk believe it can help you to tap into your intuition, enhance your psychic abilities, and bring clarity to your thoughts and emotions.

Yet the uses for moon water are virtually limitless!

Whether you are looking to manifest your desires, release negative energy, or simply connect with the divine, moon water can be a powerful tool to add to your spiritual toolkit.

Lunar Cycle and Moon Phases

The lunar cycle, lasts approximately 29.5 days. During this cycle, the moon transitions through several phases. These are:

With each moon phase lunar energy shifts, providing unique opportunities to connect with different aspects of your life, through making moon water.

Does the Moon have a connection to water?

The Moon has always had a strong connection to water – just consider how the Moon affects Earth’s tides! This physical connection is clear to everyone – scientists and spiritual seekers alike. Yet there’s an energetic connection too. Astrologers have long recognized how a zodiac sign ruled by water (CancerScorpio and Pisces) is more heavily influenced by the Moon.

The Moon rules our emotional bodies, our intuition, and the flow of feelings. In the Spiritual realms, these are also connected to water, emulating its elements slippery, loose and conductive qualities.

So bringing these two together – water and the Moon – with ritual and intention is a way to enhance the potency of both.


What is Moon Water?

Moon water is simply water that has been charged by Moon’s energies! You can make moon water yourself by leaving a container of water outside under the direct moonlight, with the intention of making it so.

It’s believed that moon water can help to promote cleansing, purification and renewal. It can also used in intention-setting and manifestation, as well as in beauty and health! Some people believe that the lunar energy can help balance emotions, and promote healing. Others use moon water in their spiritual practices, such as for rituals or spells.

By drinking or using moon water, you can harness the power of the moon’s energy to help you in whatever spiritual or personal goals you choose.

Many people believe that the energy of the full moon is particularly potent, so placing your water beneath Her gaze at this phase can supercharge the water with its powerful lunar energy.

It is important to note that moon water is not a replacement for medical treatment or professional therapy. While it may have some spiritual or emotional benefits, it is not a cure-all for physical or mental health issues.

How to Make Moon Water

Making moon water is a super simple process that requires just a few steps. Here’s how to do it:

1. Choose a container

Select a glass jar, mason jar or bottle to hold your moon water. It’s best to use a clear container so that the moonlight can easily penetrate the water. You may want to have something to cover it – either a lid or a piece of cloth or muslin you can drape over the top. This will prevent anything contaminating it overnight.

2. Fill your container with clean water

Fill your glass container with water, preferably distilled or spring water. If you don’t have access to either, tap water will do. If you’re intending to drink it, then ensure it’s potable water.

3. Add any crystals or essential oils

You may like to add crystals or essential oils to your moon water to enhance its properties. Be sure to the crystals you’ve selected are safe to submerge in water (with a Mohs scale hardness of over 6). Clear quartz is a safe bet.

If using oils, simply add a few drops of your favorite oil to the water before placing it outside.

4. Set your intention

Before placing the container outside, take a moment to set your intentions for the moon water. Think about what you want to achieve with it, and visualize that as you place the container outside.

You may want to speak your intention aloud, or even write it (as an affirming statement) on a piece of paper, and place it underneath your jar.

5. Place the container outside

Place the container outside where it will be exposed to the moonlight and leave overnight. It’s best to place it on a windowsill or somewhere where it won’t be disturbed. If you absolutely can’t put it outside, then place it indoors on a windowsill instead.

6. Collect your moon water

In the morning, collect your moon water. If possible, collect it before the sun comes up. Store it in a clean, airtight container. You can use it immediately or store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Does the lunar phase matter when you make moon water?

The Moon’s phases can and DO affect the your Moon water, because the energy of the Moon changes throughout the Moon cycle.

If you want to use the water for spiritual practices, spell work, and manifestation it’s best to collect it during a full moon.

If you want to use your moon water for cleansing or purifying, the new Moon is a good time to collect the water.

How to make new moon water

Making moon water at the new Moon is different from any other Moon phase, because at this lunar phase, the Moon rises during the daytime. This means you’ll need to place your container outside during the day, when the Sun is also shining.

This makes your intention even more important.

So be sure to set a powerful and clear new moon intention into your Moon water, and trust that on a spiritual level your water is being infused with the frequency of the Moon.


The power and uses of Moon water

Moon water is a powerful tool for many spiritual rituals and practices, as well as having beauty and health benefits too. By collecting moon water and setting your intentions, you can infuse the water with positive energy and use it to enhance your daily life and personal growth journey. Here are some of the reported benefits of Moon water.

What are the benefits of Moon water?

The best way to discover the benefits of Moon water are to simply experiment and track your experiences. Just like the Moon herself, the effects can be huge and tidal. Or slight and subtle.

Here are a few you may begin to notice over time…

  • Enhanced spiritual and intuitive awareness
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved emotional balance and stability
  • Better sleep and relaxation
  • Ability to release what no longer serves
  • Improved physical health, healing and beauty
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Heightened sensitivity to energy and vibrations
  • Faster manifestation of desires
  • Increased connection to nature and the universe

What is Moon water used for?

Despite its simplicity, Moon water is an incredibly potent tool that can be used in many different ways. Here are some ideas on how you can use moon water to enhance your well-being on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Drinking (is moon water safe to drink?)

Drinking moon water is quite a popular way to incorporate its energetic properties into your body. Before drinking, make sure the water is safe to consume. If you’re using tap water, consider filtering it or boiling it first to remove any impurities. And if you’re adding essential oils into your Moon water ritual, be sure these are safe to ingest. If you’re not sure, give them a miss.

Enhancing your beauty routine

Charged Moon water can be used in your beauty routine. Use it as a toner, facial mist, or hair rinse to promote healthy skin and hair.

Ritual bathing

A Moon bath is another beautiful self care ritual that combines water with the cycles of the Moon. Adding your own moon water to a ritual bathing practice will really supercharge your efforts, creating a whole body experience of self love and devotion.

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Cleansing and purification

Moon water can be a powerful tool for energetically cleansing your space, yourself and your magical tools. Sprinkle drops around your sacred space and onto your ritual tools, to help release and banish negativity. You can also add it to a spray bottle and mist it around your room or on your body, to create a calming and uplifting atmosphere.

Plant Care

Water plants with moon water to help them grow stronger and healthier. Use it to water your indoor or outdoor plants and watch them thrive! (Not sure? Experiment by watering some of your plants with your full moon water, and use regular water for others. After a month, compare the difference).

Using moon water in a new moon ritual

When you make moon water during one cycle, use it at the next New Moon to supercharge your intention setting ritual. Use your moon water to cleanse your space, your crystals, and even your body before your ritual.

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Use moon water in a full moon ritual

Another way to use moon water is by incorporating it into your full moon ritual. During this phase, the moon’s energy is at its strongest, and drinking, anointing or diffusing your Moon water will really enhance your ritual efforts and spell work.

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Can you make Moon water during a lunar eclipse (blood Moon)?

The simple answer is – don’t make Moon water during a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse. Eclipses are when you definitely should not make Moon water.

This is because at eclipses, the Moon’s energy is erratic, and so much more intense than at an ordinary new or full moon. Harnessing the Moon’s energy at a lunar event like this is unpredictable, and may not lead to the kind of emotional healing, purification or creative enhancement that you intend!

Does the zodiac sign make a difference to Moon water?

As well as choosing the right moon phase for making Moon water, you may want to consider the astrological sign of the Moon too. As the Moon travels around the zodiac, each sign imparts a different energy onto Old Grandmother Moon, and the lunar energy she emits changes. Remember, she is our primary receiver, and transmitter of cosmic frequencies….

Check out the following posts for a flavour of how each zodiac sign may affect the energy of your Moon water ritual:

Remember also, the energy of the moon can affect each person differently based on their birth chart and intuitive aspects. So it’s important to listen to your body and use moon water in a way that feels right for you.

Harnessing the power and energy of the Moon is a simple yet powerful way to add extra glow and potency to your magical, spiritual and self-care routine.


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