5 Best Waxing Moon Rituals for Manifestation in 2024

Manifestation ritual with candle, pendulum and altar

Looking for a manifestation ritual to give roots to your desires and make them fly…?

Many people have experimented with lighting a candle and holding a New Moon ritual. Or performing a Full Moon gratitude or manifesting ritual with friends.

These are both amazing ways to visualize, catalyze and integrate change.

But did you know the two weeks between the New Moon and Full Moon is THE best time to take purposeful action, and work on your intentions?

This is called the waxing Moon phase. And it’s the moment when creativity, magnetism, and abundance are steadily building UP momentum all over nature.

So anything positive you do during the waxing Moon, to further your vision, intentions, and desires, will snowball. Any manifestation process you use will gather way MORE speed and strength than you alone could create, drawing that dream life ever closer!

Are you reading this at the Full Moon phase?

Check out this post instead – How to Create a Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

OK. I know you’re here to learn rituals to help you with manifestation and attracting your desires, but first, let’s talk briefly about the Waxing Moon. What it is, and why it’s the prime time for kicking off a manifestation routine and bringing those dreams into being.

What is the waxing Moon phase?

As the Moon moves through her monthly-ish cycle (29.5 days to be precise!) the light and energy she receives and transmits changes. You can SEE this. If you tune in closely, over time you’ll feel it too.

At the dark Moon, she’s totally invisible, rising with the Sun during the day.

Next comes the New Moon, when you may just see a sliver of light emerging on one edge. Over the next two weeks, this light increases, until her entire face is illuminatedthe Full Moon.

These two weeks between New Moon and Full Moon is the waxing Moon phase.

From the waxing crescent to first quarter, to waxing gibbous phases, this growing Moon is characterized by the gradual expansion of light across her surface.

• In the Northern hemisphere, light increases from right to left
• In the Southern hemisphere, light increases from left to right.

You can read more about how to harness waxing Moon energy HERE.

What makes the waxing Moon SO good for manifestation rituals?

Most people set intentions at the New Moon, then kinda forget about what happens next. But they’re ignoring the most powerful tool on offer!

The energy of the waxing Moon is full of power! It’s creative, growing, building, expanding, and amplifying… 

You can SEE this by the light increasing across her surface day by day.

But it’s not just happening up there in space. La Luna transmits this energetic frequency and power down onto planet Earth too. She offers us expansion, growth, and creativity. Curiosity and openness. Attraction and allure. The waxing Moon also strengthens and fortifies.

Coming straight after the New Moon when most people are setting intentions, this time is all about building them up, so they can become MORE! Imagine what your intentions and desires could become with that extra boost!

What is a manifestation ritual?

A manifestation ritual is a contained* process of focusing positive energy on a desire, dream, prayer, or goal, and using specific tools, symbols, practices, and actions, to bring that desire out into the physical world.

Manifestation happens ALL the time!

… BUT so much of it is totally unconscious. We’re not even aware we’re doing it.

Even unintentionally, you manifested the life you are living right now! You called it in, you aligned with its frequency, and it aligned with you. You believed it into being.

… It’s magic, isn’t it?

Yet due to SO many different factors, such as your upbringing, cultural, social, and family conditioning, economic status, unhealed trauma, ancestral patterning, limiting beliefs, and even your innate power to visualize and use your imagination (or not) … SO much of what most people are able to manifest comes from a really limited place.

Did you know that as much as 95% of what humans manifest into reality comes from the unconscious?

We’re manifesting blind!

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Conscious manifestation is BIG business today. There are a thousand teachers and experts out there in the wild west of the internet, each with techniques, strategies, and practices promising to help you manifest your “dream life”. To create future so much better than this one… From building vision boards to integrating your shadow, manifesting is a full-time job, isn’t it!?

BUT… When you also add in the element of ritual to manifest your desires, something else happens.

For a short time, you’re creating a container outside of space and time where the mundane rules fall away. You’re performing a sacred act, focusing energy from many different planes of reality on one single outcome.

So the results you create can be pretty miraculous!

How to create a Moon manifestation ritual

When creating and crafting your own Moon manifestation ritual, the different elements you choose must be based on your own spiritual beliefs.

The most important thing when it comes to spiritual work is to be authentic.

Whether you call on the directions, the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, or other guides, allies, and ancestors, or simply “the Universe”, always do what YOU are comfortable with. Trust your own intuition first. Leave out the parts you’re not sure about.

Maybe you want to incorporate astrology, the lunar phases, herbs, or plants. Maybe crystals and a colored candle is your thing? Or perhaps you like to write symbols, sigils, and words? Or make movements and dance…

ALL of these will serve to amplify and further align you with your desires, and what you’re focusing your energy on.

But remember that the number one ingredient in your manifesting ritual, is your intention. Whether or not you believe in ‘magic’, you must believe in yourself and what’s possible for you in this life.

Is this the same as the Law of Attraction?

Yes and no.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever manifests in your life is there because it matches your vibrational frequency.

Good vibes only and you get what you want, right?!

Many people do believe that this is the way of the universe. But we all know it’s not really that simple. The world is complex, and there are a thousand other outside influences all happening simultaneously, impacting the direction of our lives and our dreams. From astrology to politics, ancestral trauma to the economy… Bringing our most heartfelt desires into being, is fraught with difficulties!

Manifestation rituals can help you both step beyond all of those influences AND re-align your frequency to manifest something new.

Key points and top tips for every Moon manifestation ritual

Whatever kind of manifesting ritual you perform, there are a few things that will always improve the outcome.

Always begin by tidying up!

Clearing the clutter away creates space for change. Whether it’s a new job, relationship, or abundance mindset, you gotta make room for those desires to exist!

New beginnings can’t manifest if you’re still holding onto what’s no longer serving you… and that goes for a messy living room!

Create sacred space

And figure out exactly what feels sacred for you. Maybe you want to build a permanent altar for your ritual work? Or maybe closing the door and lighting some (ethically sourced) palo santo or incense and a single candle will do the trick for you. Experiment a little. You may even like to go outside and create sacred space under the light of the Moon.

Keep your mind focused and your thoughts clear

A non-dualistic meditation practice can really help with this.

Be specific

When you create the aim of your ritual, pin down the details of what you want to manifest. i.e. if it’s money you want, state an exact figure, rather than just “more”, or “lots”. A lot of people talk about “manifesting abundance” but what does this actually look like? “A life with more magic?” What will this reality BE?!

Get crystal clear on what it is you want.

State your intention in positive terms

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t. So if you want to manifest better timekeeping, say “I am always early for appointments” rather than “I won’t be late anymore”.

Use present-tense language

When trying to manifest something new, make statements in the present tense. For example “I am confident and aligned with my purpose” rather than “I will be confident…”

Keep the focus on YOU

It’s vital to respect the law of free will, and not attempt to control or change anyone else. Even (and especially!) when manifesting love, or calling in a new relationship, it’s extremely important not to intentionally affect someone else. Doing this may backfire terribly…

Give gratitude

We all know you’re asking for desires you don’t yet have. BUT coming to any manifestation practice with the energy and attitude of gratitude for what you already have will invite more of that same frequency. Learning to graciously receive what’s in the here and now, will generate more to be grateful for!

Ask for “this or better”

Don’t unintentionally impose limitations. Sure, you may want 6 figures in your bank account but if there’s potential for a reality with more, why stop there?!

Work up to the big asks

If you don’t really believe something’s possible, that inner doubt will derail your chances of manifesting that dream. It’s okay to take baby steps. Hold a more modest dream. Be patient with yourself.

** And if you have beliefs that are holding you back, no longer serving your dreams and desires for the future, you can use the waning Moon phases to let these go.

OK… let’s get into the magic! Here are 5 Waxing Moon manifestation rituals to bring your desires to life…

1. Magnetizing manifestation ritual

A super simple ritual to literally magnetize your dreams and desires.

You will need:

  • A pen and paper
  • 3 lodestones, pieces of magnetite, or small magnets

Ritual method:

  • Simply write down your intention or desires on the piece of paper. Remember to use an affirming phrase (“I am, I do, I have”)
  • Place the paper at the center of your lodestones.
  • Place it on your altar or somewhere prominent where you’ll see it for the next two weeks while the Moon waxes. OR for extra attraction, place it on your vision board, and place that under the light of the waxing Moon!

**This also works particularly well to manifest and attract a vision at the Full Moon.

2. Card ritual for direction

What happens if you just don’t know WHAT to do to manifest your desires!? Sure, you have an intention… but what “inspired action” is the best action, if you don’t have a clear picture?

Performed over three consecutive days, this ritual will help you get out of that all-too-familiar creative rut and see the path ahead.

You will need:

  • A pen and paper or journal
  • A card or tarot deck
  • A green or orange candle

Ritual method:

  • Pick a time you’ll perform the ritual each day for the next three days. Maybe mornings work best for you? Or in the evening, just before bed? For best results, be consistent on a daily basis.
  • Light your candle.
  • Shuffle your deck. As you do, begin to petition the Spirits, your higher self (or whatever compassionate and supporting spiritual forces YOU believe in, perhaps simply “the Universe” if you’re not sure) to show you the actions you need to take.
  • Pick one card.
  • Study its images and corresponding meanings and then write everything that comes to you, about what it may signify in relation to the possible tasks ahead. Write down any and all inspiration or thoughts, regardless of how strange or unrelated.
  • Repeat on days 2 and 3.
  • At the end of day 3 (or even the day after) look over all your writing/journal entries, and make a list of any tasks, connections, actions, conversations, rituals, or lines of inquiry to follow.
  • Display all three cards on your altar for the rest of the waxing Moon. Remember to feel grateful for the guidance you’ve been offered.
Give this ritual a boost by calling on Selene, Goddess of the Moon…

Read this post first: A Tiny Modern Guide to the Greek Moon Goddess Selene

3. Fire burning ritual for motivation

This a great ritual for when you’ve set your New Moon intentions, but are feeling a little lackluster and need a boost of energy, focus and faith.

You’ll find most of what you need for this ritual in your garden or the kitchen cupboards – this is kitchen witchery at its finest!

You will need:

  • Pinch of dried rosemary
  • Pinch of dried thyme
  • Pinch of ginger powder
  • Few drops of sweet orange oil
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Charcoal disc for burning
  • Heatproof dish

Ritual method:

  • Mix and blend all the herbs and oil together using the pestle and mortar.
  • Place the charcoal in the heatproof dish and light it. Then safely add the herb and oil mixture.
  • As the small fire burns, visualize yourself having completed all the tasks you have ahead of you, and fill up with the feelings and sensations you’ll have when you’re done!

4. Morning affirmations

Not quite a ritual, nevertheless morning affirmations are a really great way to maintain your focus, banish old energy, and keep your momentum rising! And, they can be spoken aloud in an instant – no ceremony needed (though if lighting a candle feels good – do that).

Choose affirmations that align specifically with your intentions. Here are a few examples:

  • I always make the best choices
  • I have the power to be happy and with each breath, I am filled with more
  • I attract everything I need
  • Wealth lives within me and radiates out.
  • Today I will be my best self in every moment
  • I have all the skills and gifts I need to be successful in the world

For more, check out this brilliant list from Huffpost. Or write your own. You could try to write new ones with each lunar cycle, and experiment with what works best.

5. Grounding ritual for deep roots

This ritual uses earth magic and is especially effective when performed when the Moon is transiting an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), or during a lunar cycle that began in an earth sign.

Because it incorporates the element of earth, it will really help your desire to materialize in the real world. Don’t expect overnight results with this, though. It’s best performed for goals that need deep roots, and slow and steady growth.

You will need:

  • A pen and paper
  • A small garden trowel
  • An offering (eg. a small crystal, some honey, a carved bead, a sea shell)

Ritual method:

  • Write your intention, prayer, wish or goal down on the piece of paper.
  • Go outside and find an oak tree. Ask permission to sit beneath it, and for support in your manifesting work.
  • On ‘hearing’ a yes (this could come through an intuitive knowing, a gust of wings, a fluttering leaf…) sit down, imagine the completion of your goal and sense how it’s going to feel.
  • Bury the paper beneath the tree.
  • Leave the offering and give thanks to the oak.

Manifestation is a journey!

Remember your ritual may not lead to immediate results. Manifesting new desires into your life can take time, and we aren’t always in control of THAT part of the equation.

If everything’s aligned and you do the work, a smaller goal may manifest easily during the current lunar cycle.

But for larger desires to attract and coalesce within the fabric of reality, be prepared for it to take 6 months of work. As a rule, whatever astrological sign the Moon was new in when you set a New Moon intention, it will come to fruition on the Full Moon of that same sign.

So don’t give up! Be patient, and TRUST. You got this.

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