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What is the Divine Femininereally? (plus 13 ways for YOU to awaken her energy)

Who is the Dark Goddess?

Who is the Dark Goddess?

The energy of the Dark Goddess is a potent force. But who is she? Popular culture LOVES to jump on a bandwagon, and have you noticed recently that everywhere you look, the Dark Goddess is being commodified? Her wisdom packaged up, and turned into something more for...

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5 step shadow work for BIG personal transformation 🙌

5 step shadow work for BIG personal transformation 🙌

Is it me, or are ALL the new age + spiritual growth communities talking about shadow work right now? It’s become the latest trend, hasn’t it?! I read a lot about how shadow work is a form of “self-care” (ummm… maybe not quite the description I’d use 🙄 ). Or...

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Learn the art of practical shadow work for personal transformation

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