Do the Moon phases have a spiritual meaning? You bet they do…

Like most esoteric and astrological wisdom, the more conscious you become of it, the more meaning is created for you. So the spiritual meaning of the New Moon will mean as little or as much as YOU allow. But let’s assume you want to go all in 😉 Here goes…

First off, what is the New Moon?

The new Moon is one phase in the lunar cycle. To see where it fits in, let’s take a quick look at the lunar cycle as a whole…

One lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days. Each day, the Moon moves eastwards by about 12 degrees. This means she rises about 50 minutes later every day, and this staggers the Moonrise further and further behind the rising Sun, each day. This gentle dance is what creates the increasing and decreasing amounts of visible light across her surface. Here’s a (brief!) outline of the 8 lunar phases. Plus an extra that most people forget about…

New Moon

The new lunar phase arrives when la Luna is just visible as the sliver of an emerging crescent Moon, in the daytime sky.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Rising with us during the daytime and setting in the evening, in this Moon phase she has a more obvious waxing crescent shape.

First-quarter Moon

Forming an astrological square with the Sun, this phase is revealed as a clear “half Moon” shape. Light will expand, overtaking the dark quarter.

Waxing gibbous Moon

Closer now to her Full phase, than new, the Moon appears in this waxing gibbous phase as a more bulbous, blossoming disc of light.

Full moon

Everybody can recognise this phase! Directly opposing her twin luminary the Sun, she’s fully illuminated. Rising when the Sun sets, setting when he rises.

Waning gibbous Moon

Having tipped over the edge of the cycle’s climax, the Moon is almost a mirror image of her waxing gibbous phase – she is still a swollen round disc but ebbing from one edge.

Third-quarter Moon

Forming another astrological square with the Sun, this phase can also be seen as a clear “half Moon” shape. This time, though, dark will overtake light.


Waning crescent Moon (or balsamic Moon)

Closer now to the next New Moon, than to this cycle’s full Moon phase, this Moon appears more fragile-looking and weak. She appears again, as a daytime companion.

Dark Moon

Between one and three days (and nights) where the Moon is invisible. She is actually rising with the Sun. So she is there in the sky with us during the day, awake when we are… But bleached out by sunlight, not visible. And absent completely from the night sky.

👉🏼 You can read all about the Dark Moon in depth HERE

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the New Moon

Even though we know cycles are ongoing (that’s their nature!) you can see how the New Moon comes at the beginning of the 29.5 day lunar month. So it holds a special resonance within the cycle as a whole, and is usually considered to be the beginning of the cycle.

Spiritually, the New Moon represents new beginnings.

It’s when we sow our metaphorical seeds into the dark, fertile soil.

The spiritual meaning of the New Moon holds hope for the future, and the belief that anything is possible!

At the New Moon, all potentials are alive in the universal fields of becoming. It’s a mystical place: dark, soft, quiet, but full of latent power. New Moon is the quiet beginning, the origin point.

Spiritually, the New Moon gives us faith

After the waning Moon phases, and the deep, dark inky skies, the re-emergence of the crescent Moon promises new light and new life. Akin to the weeks after the winter solstice – the darkest sabbat and season of the year – the New Moon phase signifies the return of the light.

Mythologically, the last waning quarter Moon phases represent our descent into the underworld…

Like Persphone, Innana, and the Dark Goddesses who traverse the shadowlands, the darker lunar phases were an invitation to you, to descend and seek out your shadow.

The spiritual meaning of the New Moon is the ascent. It’s the moment we return, rising above the surface of the Earth and back into consciousness.

So the New Moon signifies a change in direction – it’s an invitation to turn your focus from within, to without. It’s the ideal time to set intentions, tentatively begin to take aim for the future, and set out goals for a new chapter of life, and the cycle ahead.

BUT I don’t want you to just believe me about any of this!

Uncovering the spiritual meaning of the New Moon for yourself is YOUR journey! And this journey may reveal new and exciting insights. But for a lot of folks, a bit of an explanation as to WHY these spiritual significances exist is useful. SO that’s what I’ll share with you next…

WHY does the Moon have a Spiritual Significance?

Astrologers know that (as well as a myriad of other qualities) the Moon represents our unconscious.

The unconscious is the part of your psyche that you’re unaware of. It exists, and it’s there soaking up information, creating patterns and habits, and associations all the time! But you don’t know it’s happening.

SO… even when you’re not consciously interacting with the Moon and her phases, your unconscious is STILL being activated by her. This means the spiritual meaning of the New Moon is tugging at your psyche, and your psyche IS responding.

Even if you’re not even aware of what phase the Moon is in, your unconscious is!

… And let’s not even get started with the physical affect of the Moon. That’s a different article entirely…

New Moon Practices, Rituals + Correspondences

The most well-known New Moon practice is to set New Moon intentions!

This can be done simply by stating your intentions. Or why not create and perform a New Moon ritual around them, to connect more deeply with the Spirit of the Moon, and/or any lunar deities to help you manifest them?

Need help figuring out your intentions? READ THIS

Some other New Moon practices to try are:

  • Slow down and take more time to be present
  • Trust your intuition, gently shuuush the monkey mind
  • Open up to the possibility of new opportunities
  • Journal to gain clarity
  • Set a crystal grid to focus and call in your desires

Corresponding crystals to work with are:

  • Clear quartz
  • Selenite
  • Moonstone
  • Black obsidian

Other specific crystals, herbs, plants, colours, and deities you may want to incorporate or call into your spiritual work with the new Moon phase, will depend on the astrological zodiac sign of the New Moon. And of course, your own intuitive guidance.

Now leave a comment telling me YOUR New Moon practice. Let’s connect!

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