The New Year almost always starts with the New Moon in Capricorn

…and although SO many things are unrecognisable as 2022 rolls through the gates, la Luna emerges as she always does. This Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, the Moon will be new, at 12º of the 10th sign of the zodiac: sign of the sea-goat.

The New Moon in Capricorn comes at a time of contemplation. Of pondering, planning and projecting, as the next 13 Moons sit before us, pregnant with possibility…

What will you call in?!

Your intention matters so, so much to our dear and precious Mother Earth

So think carefully, feel fully, and plan with heart. This opportunity comes just once a year….

Capricorn is a sign with far-sighted vision

This New Moon is calling on us ALL to look ahead with a steady gaze, to envision into the potential of our future, and weave a thread from all the way out there, back to this present moment.

The New Moon in Capricorn is asking clearly and directly: Are your actions now, paving a path to the future you see? Or are they leading you astray?

Only you really know the answer.

Carrying cardinal earth to the cauldron of time, Capricorn activates those parts of us that can easily create strategies, systems, schedules and plans. It’s a great way to start the New calendar year, right?! Who isn’t thinking of what lies ahead?

BUT the Moon here is in her detriment.

Opposing Cancer, her home, this astrological placement can feel at odds with the flowing, intuitive, emotional sea-scapes that our lunar selves thrive in. If you’re a child of the Moon then this strong, fatherly, boundaried energy may feel too tight, too restrictive, too suffocating…

And you’re not alone.

Capricorn often gets a bad rap. Ruled over by Saturn (Greek Cronos/Kronos), the father of form, structure, time, and also of death, this ancient and mythic God was often depicted holding a scythe. He was both the Sower of Seed and the reaper of the corn. His domain stretched from beginning to end of all things… So his force is formidable. There are good reasons that ordinary folk don’t like to dwell on this sign’s deeper meanings…

Saturn also has many, many occult associations. You don’t need to dig very far to uncover the fear and rumour surrounding the cults of Saturn…

So is it any wonder that Capricorn itself gets written off?

Yet this powerful zodiac sign (and the Capricorn New Moon we all get to greet the New Year with) has boundless gifts. This Moon like no other straddles two worlds.

And two worlds are what we are all ALSO moving between right now… So learn from the master. Heed his lessons. And let the grip of the old loosen, as we try to see a NEW way forward…

In older times than these, Capricorn came to be symbolised by the sea-goat

At home on the rocky mountaintops, yet mythically adorned with a fishes tail, Capricorn is one of those rare signs that’s connected to the Earth AND at home in the oceans.

Thriving in both worlds, the sea-goat knows how to straddle opposites. It may not be easy, but this Capricorn New Moon is inviting us to do the same:

To exist in the here and now, and to simultaneously begin to LIVE the new Earth into being

↠ To hold the vision, and to do the work.

↠ To plan methodically, strategically, and precisely, and to let change flow through life unhindered.

↠ To see the differences between you and those around you, and love them unconditionally all the same…

I SO appreciate that Capricorn is a cardinal sign

This means it’s initiating (like Aries, Cancer, or Libra) so it’s not frightened of beginning. Starting again. Forgiving the past and having another go…

At this New Moon in Capricorn, don’t be weighed down by the past

YES, Capricorn is the structure. It’s the architecture that everything else hangs from, BUT if that structure is no longer serving, then the let Moon wash it away… Let water gently erode what’s no longer working.

The past is medicine. But it needn’t be a bind.

You are free to begin again.

We are all free to begin again.

Today’s present will be the legacy for your future self and your children…

Are you participating in it fully?

Are you acting in ways you will be proud of 5, 10, 20 years from now?

This Capricorn New Moon brings the moment to look yourself in the mirror, ask the questions… And set into motion any differences. The momentum of this lunation will propel us all forward for many Moons to come, so think really, really carefully about what you are creating.

The modality of earth brings powerful manifestation potential. Seeds sown here, in this dark January soil will have deep, lasting roots. And those roots may support the growth for quite miraculous new things this year… if you choose your seeds wisely and feed and nurture and care for them.

Capricorn doesn’t rush

There is a steadiness to this Moon that will create firm foundations for the year, if you set them with authenticity, which means from a place that’s free from coercion, fear, and reactivity.

Old father time is not working against you, ever… the challenges that we face right now as we enter the New Year are initiations.  Capricorn New Moon energy is the perfect portal through with to step, as we face them.

Sending you huge blessings for the next year and beyond,




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