Heads UP! The New Moon in Aries will rise on April 12th, 2021.

Every year Ostara (or Spring Equinox) is marked when the Sun swings into the first sign, Aries. And shortly after, the Moon, our sacred luminary Goddess of the skies moves in closer to join him, ready for her own renewal. This Zodiac sign comes first. Its astrology re-births the cycle, forging ahead without a backward glance. Brave Daring Fearless Foolhardy Aries energy is unmistakable. And whether or not it shows up prominently in your personal chart… it lives within you.

Aries is more than the “I am”.

It’s the pure conviction in a future as you believe it to be so. It is intention x 10, plus something else a little bit special.

Aries energy is human will.

This Zodiac sign is the star-lit expression of future inevitability… without the inevitability. By which I mean, you, yes, YOU, get to direct your will. Pause here, and now, and settle into that knowing. What does it feel like? It’s an energy that contains the pure conviction that you can bring into being whatever the precision of your intention is aiming for. No question. Think about the word – why do people write a “Last Will and Testament?” It’s because this document sums up the absolute inevitability of death, plus the very last act of certainty it’s possible to make, before passing from this world. But this New Moon is all about the beginning. Not the ending.

Aries is ripe, poised, absolutely ready for ignition.

Seeped in cardinal fire, all this New Moon needs is to be told where to aim. Are you ready? Want to Use Aries New Moon Energy to Ignite? Here’s how:

1. Tap into Your Passion

The breath of this New Moon is passion. And the red-hot energy of passion is sublime. Creative, sexual, determined, and yes, just a little bit reckless. Its Aries New Moon energy to the core, and it’s powerful. BUT you know what? Passion is worthless without direction. It needs to be moved. That means not just scrolling through a social media feed, feeling all the feels. But doing something with those feelings. Not just planning, intending, and Pintresting your ideals. But breaking away from normal to make it so. Passion means acting on something you love. For something (or someone) you love. Meeting it head-on and running with it. Your passion may not be obvious at first. For a lot of people, they’re not taught to tap into this when they’re young (in fact, they’re determinedly taught to “tap out” of it, instead, filling up on a one-size-fits-all school curriculum). So if you can’t feel your passion, don’t worry. Go slowly. Start with an inkling of desire, a lift of the spirits, or upturn at the corner of your lips. And one of the absolute best ways is to ask. Ask yourself. Ask the Spirits to show you what it looks like. Make that your new project, your passion project: “What is my passion?” What better way to start?

2. Move Your Body

Movement….aaaahhhh. Do you do enough of it? Movement (under an Aries Moon, hell, under an Aries anything) is non-negotiable! YOU will heal, you will grow, you will transform… if you move your body. Get up. DO it now.

3 Connect to the Spirit of FIRE

Aries is the first fire sign in the Zodiac, and fire is a potent ally.

4 Take a RISK

The energy of the New Moon in Aries feels like not just pushing an edge, but leaping right over it. Sense that cortisol level rising in your mind’s eye, can you feel it? THAT is the fire of Aries, that’s the lifeblood running through this astrology’s archetypal veins. It doesn’t suit everybody – some folks love its rush, whilst others panic and run the other way. But whatever your initial reactions, understand that Aries is an aspect of you – it’s an aspect of us all. And playing with it, pushing it, testing its (our) limits is potent medicine. What that thing that you’ve been pushing down to the bottom of your to-do list every day for the past couple of weeks because it’s just a little bit too far outside you comfort zone?

  • Maybe it’s calling to make an appointment… because you know, deep down, it’ll open up opportunities that will ask you to expand juuuuuust a little bit further than feels safe?
  • Maybe it’s showing up in greater vulnerability in a relationship, knowing that once you’ve gone there, there is no going back.
  • Or maybe it’s leaving, saying no, and walking away….

The energy of this New Moon begs for bravery. But it’s a window. A fertile patch of dark earth, so dive inside it.

5. Believe Anything is Possible

The summation of all the above. And the catalyst to making it so, is the belief that anything is possible. Aries energy IS the child. It’s the babe, the unconditioned, unprogrammed fresh and wide-eyes soul that gets to start again. We are all manifesting the world into existence with every breath, every thought and every belief we hold onto in each awakening second. And it’s a feedback loop – your perception of what you create informs the next decision you make, and this affects your creation. Yet the energy and initiation of Aries breaks out. Its passion, movement, fire, and risk creates the shift that creates the spiral…. Which can lead to anything new. If you believe it is possible.

The New Moon intentions that you set at this lunar phase will follow the spirals of time, reaching their culmination on the Full Moon in Aries in six months’ time. Which means that the seeds you sow now, the kindling you are setting alight to, forming your beloved fresh start will – moving through six moon cycles – root down and become your normal. If you do the work. The Full Moon in Aries will peak on October 20th, 2021.

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