Do YOU have a Taurus Moon Sign in your natal chart?

Wondering if you’ve got a Taurus Moon Sign?  You can find your natal Moon HERE with this free birth chart calculator.

…If you discover that the Moon was moving through the second sign of the zodiac at the moment of your birth, then you have a natal Taurus Moon sign!

What’s so important about your natal Moon?

Most people know their Sun sign (or star sign, or “horoscope” as a lot of folks call it). This describes your live-out-loud qualities, your potential, and the mask you show to the world. But your natal Moon sign can actually be a lot more revealing, as it relates to your inner world.

This means combining knowledge of your Sun AND Moon signs makes up a much more complete and in-depth picture of who you really are.

The Moon is a symbol of your inner world, your emotional landscape, and unconscious mind…

Your natal Moon reveals how you connect to the world on more sensitive, sensual layers of your being (and with a Taurus Moon sign – sensuality is a BIG piece of the puzzle for you especially!)

La Luna’s astrological placement in the skies says a lot about your intuition and instincts, and what lies in the shadows of your unconscious.

Your natal Moon also speaks to your maternal relationships – how you were mothered, and how the mother archetype shows up in your life (this relates to men and women).

The astrology of your personal Moon also opens up the world of friendship, love, and romance – how you behave in relationships, what you need, what challenges you, and why.

Quite simply… unlocking the secrets of your natal Moon sign can help you understand what drives you from the deep. She’ll take you far beyond surface-level personality…

The personality traits of your natal Taurus Moon (OR Moon in the 2nd House)

So, at the exact moment you were born, Grandmother Moon was moving through the Taurus Zodiac sign.

This is a beautiful, stable and fortunate placement – in astrology, Taurus and The Moon are old, old friends. This means that together, BOTH energies amplify each other, and express their highest versions. It’s a natal Moon that creates a  nurturing, practical, and abundant personality.

As the zodiac’s only fixed earth sign, Taurus brings slow, luxurious, grounded and pleasure-filled energy to the cosmic cauldron…

Folks with this natal Moon are often devoted, dedicated, and hard-working. THey work hard to get their fundamental needs met, and have all the tenacity and drive needed to get far in life.

But it’s NOT all about the struggle!

Taurus Moons are also pleasure seekers. If you have this natal Moon, then it’s likely your SENSES are your inner guidance system. When they’re feeling into something good, so are you! In fact for the natal Taurus Moon, emotional security and comfort come primarily from sensation.

And in simple astrology, this means your surroundings matter! A beautiful home, a tasteful environment, a well-stocked kitchen that looks and smells divine… when life feels good, all is well in the Taurus Moon’s world.

Taurus Moon signs need to stay grounded…

More than any other (except maybe Virgo or Capricorn Moons) this natal Moon placement appreciates predictability. ‘Cause following an established routine means less chance of safety and security being compromised, right? That’s your safety, and the safety of your family…

It’s not that you’re completely risk-averse. The Taurus Moon is totally okay with taking a leap of faith once in a while (just as long as every potential outcome has been considered!) But why take chances in life, when you don’t have to?

No, proper planning and a methodical approach are the Moon in Taurus’ modus operandi. Just like the symbol for this zodiac sign – the mighty and strong bull – people with this lunar placement just work better when they’re following the furrow. You don’t plough a field in any old random fashion, now do you!? The sacred bull turning the dark and fertile soil – that’s more your style.

Plus, you have the practical skills, the patience, and the resources to see tasks through from beginning to end. And if the right resources aren’t readily available, somehow this Moon always seems to generate them! You have an innate capacity to access what you need, when you need it, somehting you may take for granted but it really is a superpower!

BUT one pitfall of this slow and steady lunar energy is that you can get SO comfortable with the path you’re on, you miss out on opportunities that could take you somewhere else. Somewhere better… We’re not saying you’re stubborn, but at times that comfort zone can begin to feel a little too comfortable.

So beware of getting stuck in a rut – there is a whole wide world out there to explore!

Taurus: The most sensual sign of the Zodiac

This natal Moon pertains to the material, tangible aspects of life.

… And what’s MORE tangible than what your senses are sensing?!

That’s right – people with their natal Moon in the second sign of the zodiac connect to the world through what they see, smell, touch, taste, and hear. More so than, say, cognitive understanding or exchanging ideas, Taurus Moon signs find their sense of emotional safety through sensuality.

Too much time spent in front of screens or locked away from nature will likely lead to a sense of something big missing. The Moon in Taurus has such strong bodily awareness, and it needs to be nurtured – without an embodied connection to the Earth and all the delights she offers, you will suffer.

For the Taurus Moon sign, sensory pleasure and self-care are a must!

Appreciating the finer things in life, you have an eye for luxury. So be sure to schedule a regular massage, buy yourself beautiful fragrances and perfumes, and adorn your home with fresh flowers. Eat in great restaurants, and DO invest in those silk bedsheets…! It’s not an indulgence for the Taurus Moon, it’s a necessity!

But beware the key issue for some Moon sign Taurus people – that your sense of self-worth and self-esteem become intertwined with what you own. Unchecked materialistic tendencies could overshadow your sense of personal fulfillment, if your house isn’t full of beautiful, shiny objects.

Is your Taurus Moon the most abundant in the zodiac?

Do other people ever call you lucky?!

The Taurus Moon sign often appears to have this uncanny ability to manifest what they want in the world… And to other people, it can look a lot like luck!

What they may not know is how much dedication you put into life. But still, there’s something about you that just seems to attract abundance.

According to astrology, the Moon is “exalted” in Taurus. Simply: this is one of the absolute BEST zodiac placements the Moon can have! It accentuates all of Her magnetic, receptive and attractive qualities – meaning that YOU get the benefit, as these qualities are also accentuated in you!

Plus, Taurus’ activation of the earth element in your chart, gives you the added ability to manifest and materialize things on the 3D plain. You can literally bring down to earth what you’re dreaming up in the other realms. And using your enhanced sensory potential, your manifestations can anchor in more quickly.

So it’s true. The natal Aries Moon sign does have the edge over other zodiac signs! You are unnaturally abundant, you lucky thing!

The Taurus Moon is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and money

This extra layer can be a little confusing. So just imagine Venus, this planet of the feminine as another thread running through the weave of your emotional world…

Meaning: your Taurus Moon will activate your inner Venus. Your own Venusian qualities are enhanced by your Moon.

Love and those you love are valuable to you, deeply. Again, pleasure is a big part of your life. Aand romance, too…

Taurus Moon sign COMPATIBILITY

The natal Taurus Moon woman (or man!) loves to love!

Expressing your devotion in tangible ways usually comes easily to these Moons – showering gifts on your lover, or booking fancy restaurants for candlelit dinners are part and parcel of romance: Taurus-style!

The Taurus Moon is also committed. Seriously committed. Once you lay your heart on the line, there’s no turning back. You’re not daunted by long-term relationships, in fact, you could say it’s a life goal.

And in addition, this natal Moon always expects loyalty in return. For this reason, relationships with other earth-sign Moons or fixed-sign Moons are more likely to go the distance. And let’s face it you’re not in it for the long haul… why bother?

On the flip side, if things start to get shaky, lovers with a natal Taurus Moon can get possessive pretty quickly. It’s in your instincts to want to keep things safe and secure – so if the commitments you’ve made appear threatened, well, jealousy can rise. And you wanna keep hold of what you’ve got, don’t you?

The Natal Taurus Moon Sign Shadow Side…

The shadow is where we put all the parts of our personality and traits + characteristics that we reject, suppress, and disown. But inside the shadow, these disowned parts become distorted and still have control over our lives – though without any conscious awareness.

You can read more about the shadow here.

Knowing your natal Moon sign can be an amazing tool for unpacking the shadow.

This is because the Moon also refers to and activates the realms of the unconscious – this place with SO much power over us yet, that’s usually vastly unknown.

For the Taurus Moon sign, the traits that may unlock the door into your shadow include:

  • Jealousy
  • Possessiveness
  • Resistance to change
  • Stubbornness
  • Laziness
  • Obsession
  • Overeating + addiction

Now tell me… are you here because your natal Moon is in Taurus?

Leave a comment below and tell me which trait or quality stands out the most for you.

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