Musings on a world that is *not* broken (Full Moon in Virgo 18th March 2022)

The Full Moon in Virgo will rise on March 18th, 2022

There is SO much to mend…

So much broken.

So much not working, must be improved, could do better…

But this world of very human flaws is a set of beliefs that sits like a veil over our lives…

It’s fuelled by a media that only shows us what’s wrong. It hones in on pain, discomfort, and the actions of people so clearly rooted in trauma. That, and a barrage of messages that we are not perfect. That we need to be fixed, made better, and made different from how we are in these moments…

And ALL this compounds to cloud our lenses. So that as we gaze out into the world, we see only work to be done, actions to take, brokenness to fix.

But you are not broken…

You never were! That is somebody else’s idea – a ruse to make you be and do and act in certain, specific ways. Ways that profit somebody else…

This week the Full Moon will rise at 27º of Virgo (at 12:17 am PST / 07:17 am UK time), sign of mutable earth

Virgo Full Moons tend to bring the need to DO, fix, change, clear, tidy, and cleanse.

But this Full Moon comes not to illuminate the messy parts of life, where you “should” be taking action! All of life is messy…and that doesn’t’ make it wrong.

This Virgo Full Moon comes to shine her light on where the pretense of brokenness is a siphon for your energy. She comes to show you where your preoccupation with “fixing” the problem is keeping you small.

Virgo is a deeply earth-rooted sign, and the Full Moon here brings the wisdom of natural order

Even the phrase “natural” order conjures images of tidiness, all neat lines, and perfect rows. BUT we all know this isn’t how nature works. Nature doesn’t create or grow (or decay) in orderly ways, packed up in perfect boxes.

**OK – if you DO look closely enough, you’ll see the most beautiful and profound of geometries forming our world. From the pentagonal interiors of apples, to the Fibonacci spirals formed by your own body. But zoom out and this perfection is harder to see).

In fact, HER kind of order may look like it’s not working out quite right sometimes…

Nature sprawls and blooms.

She emerges through chaos. And in case you hadn’t noticed, chaos is what’s fueling the regeneration of our planet right now. Chaos is the language of the Dark Feminine.

Regeneration is a deep focus of this Virgo Moon

… And the kind of regeneration occurring right now NEEDS to spill over the edges of what is comfortable. It needs to wake us up, stir us from our slumber of comfort and ease. This needs to happen because the only way is through the dark, the dirty, the rejected, and the suppressed.

And THIS is Virgo’s specialty.

Mutability gives this Moon the capacity to BE in those things. Virgo is okay with chaos, and it will teach you how to stand inside the turmoil and disarray and not make it all about you.

Resist the urge to turn on yourself.

In its tired, overworked, misunderstood, and wounded state, Virgo tends to self-criticise and berate, find fault and mistakes, to run around in a self-deprecating haze… Virgo can, at times, pull the focus onto what is wrong, so that all else dissolves, ceasing to be there as contrast (and truth).

But that’s NOT what this Full Moon (or these times) are calling for.

This Virgo Full Moon (in her exalted form) is purifying, clarifying, and unifying…

Virgo knows that perfection exists inside the illusion of a broken exterior.

So the work of this Moon isn’t to fix and mend. It’s to strip back your need to fix and mend. And instead, greet the chaos around you with open arms!

This doesn’t mean condoning what is wrong. It doesn’t mean turning away from real human need, caused by the thrashing wings of systems that are crumbling…

But it doesn’t mean learning how to soothe and regulate your response.

Healing and integration occur in the spaces of stillness, not in the frenetic activity of “doing”.

BUT – ruled by Mercury, this Virgo Full Moon holds a fast energy. It’s not slow and meticulous like a Taurus Moon, but changeable, exited, obsessive, mercurial. Unless you have your own nervous system in check, this Full Moon may tip you over the edge of where you want to be emotionally…. and what good is that to anybody?

SO the challenge then, is to not get carried away in a storm that wants to take you

This is especially challenging with Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun ALL in Pisces. This heavy Piscean hub of planetary focus means that both expansive emotions, and the need to hold capacity in your life for everything and everyone could make it harder for you to tune out, even when you want to.

But challenges aren’t meant to be easy!

So instead of taking on MORE at this Full Moon, realise that this Virgo Full Moon is asking you to take a different approach.

To do less.

To take on less

To make yourself useful by creating space.

Increasing your capacity isn’t going to happen if you fill yourself up with MORE (worry, emotion, tasks, responsibilities…)

We all need to become really strong vessels

We all need to become highly tuned instruments, to do what our Earth is asking of us…

This Full Moon in Virgo offers us the discernment to see where the paths of service and sacrifice are no longer the same… Can you sense the difference?

Full Moon blessings to you



  1. Irene

    Spot on …just what I needed to hear

    • Kat

      Wonderful Irene! SO glad you found your way here xx

  2. lynn

    Thank you!!!

  3. Sophie

    Thank you for these insights, Kat. I often find myself falling into ‘fix mode’, particularly in relation to my body, emotions, etc and sometimes within relationships too (I’m Virgo ascendant so perhaps that’s why), and your writing came as a welcome reminder to sit with the imperfect perfection of it all, and also helped me see this Full Moon as an opportunity to let go of some of this pattern of needing to control and fix everything.

    • Katherine Anne Lee

      Thank you for sharing this Sophie. “Fixing” is definitely a Virgo-an trait so your Virgo ascendant sounds like a real leading light for you! But it’s such a beautiful, unifying energy too… glad you’re seeing the depths of release it can also offer XX

  4. Laurie Hunt

    Thank you Kat


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