Taurus New Moon: An Earth-Offering Ritual of Devotion

Huddle UP! The New Moon in Taurus will rise on May 11, 2021

This New Moon brings the slow, steady, wonderfully deep-rooted frequencies of our Earth Mother up into our personal experience.  Each and every one of us. Can you feel her?

She holds, protects, cradles, homes and feeds us. She always has and always will, abundantly.

As our crowns connect to higher realms, bringing down ideas, inspirations, and dreams of difference, our roots are sinking into the Earth, anchoring those same ideas into her flesh, making them real. But the problems, the limitations, and sense of lack or scarcity come when we think that we alone are fulfilling this process: when humans believe that they are actualizing, realising, manifesting whatever they desire on their own (personally and on larger, societal scales) using human power, human techniques, human magic. Not so. The truth is, the truth has always been, that we are partnering and borrowing. We are “co-creating”, as it’s fashionable to say, we are sharing our time and our presence here.

We are the visitors.

So don’t think that you are responsible for “abundance”.

The New Moon in Taurus has the power to show us the real abundance of nature.

…the abundance that we can all share in.

But it’s not all about acquiring more, possessing, having, hoarding and hustling as much, and even more than we want.  (Abundance is a concept shared by both the spiritual communities, and the consumerist, capitalist world we inhabit, being kidnapped and mingled and morphed to fit whichever definition is most convenient. So be extra careful, especially at this sacred Moon, that YOU are not confused too). It has never been about possession because that is the opposite of true abundance: to hold on too steadfastly to anything shows a deep lack of trust of there being any more, or even any better.

To experience true abundance means to observe the flow, to understand impermanence.

Luna teaches us this lesson every cycle: she waxes and wanes, never staying still or remaining the same, and offering rhythms of growth with every turn.  Her flow of energy and light mirrors and encourages ours, and so it is with the rooted, earth-bound flow of the tangible too: with our things, our objects, experiences, relationships, work and dreams … We must learn to let them come, and learn to let them go. This New Moon offers us a strong portal through which to honour Mother Earth with ritual. To direct and co-create with her, by setting conscious intentions for the future months.  But equally powerful, are rituals of surrender and devotion to the process, without needing a specific goal (and the beautiful, sacred sense of connection created by these practices will often lead to incredible and unexpected gifts being revealed too).

New Moon Ritual of Devotion to the Spirit of Nature

This is a really fun (and also very powerful) New Moon Earth-offering ritual, which creates a simple way to consciously connect to Gaia, and gift her with your presence. It’s great to do with children too, and can also be practiced on the Full Moon!
  • Close to the New Moon, plan a special meal, one of your favourites, and gather together an array of beautiful, fresh ingredients of bright colours, and irresistible fragrances and textures (for example: interesting salads, herbs, exotic fruits and berries, seeds, nuts, wild rice).
  • Create a sacred space in your kitchen, or even out of doors if you have somewhere suitable): Clear yourself some space to work, open up a window, light a candles and some incense, put on some calm and atmospheric (or celebratory!) music (the point is to shift YOUR awareness from the ordinary to the sacred, so there is no set way to do this – do what you need to do!)
  • Now prepare the ingredients lovingly: washing, chopping, heating, blending, arranging … however you choose to cook, do so with the intention that you are enhancing and combining the food to create something greater than each of the individual ingredients alone. This may be in flavour, texture, appearance … you do NOT need to be an expert chef to do this, it may mean simply chopping and arranging an array of fruit. Feel the partnership that you are creating in this work with Mother Nature and what she has offered to you, in the form of this food.
  • When you are ready to serve, create an extra portion on a small dish or plate, and place this outside, as an offering to the Earth and her Spirits. Offer the food with gratitude in your heart, and this sense of ongoing partnership and co-creation and understanding of the flow of abundance between you and Mother Earth.
  • Now share and enjoy the rest of the meal with those you love!
Sending you bountiful New Moon blessings, for this cycle and beyond.

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