The Moon in Pisces submerges us in the ocean of the unconscious… how will you keep afloat?

If today’s a Moon in Pisces day then the chances are you’re already feeling it! But unless you’ve been following the lunar transits, then I’m guessing you may not realize exactly why you’ve been walking around in a dreamworld…! SO first, let me ask you a question:

 Where is the Moon right now?

Is she above your head in a bright blue sky? Or has she dropped down beneath the horizon line? Maybe you know what phase she is in – whether she’s waxing or waning, or close to her blossoming Full Moon phase?

And what about her current astrology according to the zodiac? D’you know anything about that?

…Because the zodiac sign of the current Moon can be a HUGE influence on your daily life, including (and especially) the watery Moon in Pisces. So keeping  half an eye on THIS part of lunar lore can be a powerful way to tap into the collective energy currents (and use them to your advantage…)

Our beloved Grandmother Moon continually circles the Earth, spending between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

Some highly empathic people tend to naturally and easily feel her daily celestial shifts (hello Cancer Moon…!). Yet some rarely feel them at all. But as a collective, the current Moon sign has a noticeable influence on the “energetic climate” of the day, once you start to look for it.

You could think of this as a kind of “collective horoscope”.

So alongside the Sun sign, knowing what the current Moon sign is, tends to help you navigate her your days much more smoothly…

What’s the Meaning of the Moon in Pisces?

On days when the Moon is in Pisces, the air can feels soft, dreamy and intangible.

The 12th and final sign, (where the Sun transits between around February 18 and March 20), Pisces brings mutable water to the cosmic cauldron.

This means, of course, that Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac. In the family of 12 signs, Pisces brings comes to close the party, giving it a very particular quality that no other sign has.

Pisces HOLDS everything that has come before.

…So Pisces Moons have an incredible capacity to hold emotion – people with their natal Moon in Pisces will know this intimately! – They tend to be highly sensitive beings. So on a day when the Moon moves into this mutable water sign, we all become a little more empathic than usual. We FEEL more deeply. You may be more easily influenced by others, finding it hard to prioritize yourself because, well, “you” cease to exist in isolation.

Pisces Moons turn up the dial on your emotional body

Under a Pisces Moon, it’s as though your energy field expands… You can almost feel your aura grow, to encompass MORE feelings + information, than at any other time. As one of the most empathic and soft-hearted of all the signs, the Moon in Pisces makes it near-impossible not to feel into what other people have going on below the surface.

You will perceive things intuitively under this Moon – more than you’ll likely be prepared for.

Moon in Pisces: the healer

Whatever you think you should do, this astrology does NOT call for you to freely offer your unending help and support to everyone who asks you today (however much you’d love to). Pisces has a BIG heart. BUT it doesn’t always encourage the art of fair exchange. If you’re a healer or service provider, be extra vigilant under this Moon.

Be sure to protect your feeling body today with firm emotional boundaries. Empathy is a true gift, but not to your own detriment, so start to employ the sacred art of saying “no!”

Although you are likely deeply emotionally tapped into the needs of those around you, you don’t have to actively heal others. That’s not your responsibility. And your soothing presence may, indeed, be enough…

Moon in Pisces: the psychic

This can be an exceptionally psychic Moon sign. As the last of the water signs (after Cancer and Scorpio) Pisces sees through the veil. So if you’re brave enough to drop into your intuitive sensitivities, this Moon could really help you develop yourself psychically. BUT. under this Moon sign you may find it tricky to discern fact from fantasy.

Ruled by nebulous Neptune, Pisces blurs the lines, so your imagination is set FREE. This makes it a wonderful Moon for artists, dreamers and anyone creative!  **Not so great if you’re organizing a strategy meeting or trying to get your tax return in on time… 🙄

So be warned – this lunar transit could make it hard to “get a grip” on anything – the emotional environment feels misty, intense (the emotional highs and lows!) and you may find it hard to stay focused on any one thing.  And I know that sounds a little vague and even hard to handle, especially if you’re someone who likes control. But on days when the Moon is in Pisces, there are SO many gifts to gather, if you know where to look…

Moon in Pisces: the creative

As a mutable Moon sign (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) Pisces also brings a highly flexible, adaptable mood. Inspiration will flow (and this is what SO many Moon-lovers adore about this lunar transit!) Creative opportunities may arise, and you may be tasked with finding new ways to express your inner world, out.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking anything will follow a logical path under the Moon in Pisces! This Moon sign brings a whole lotta otherworldliness to the table. The Moon in Pisces is a mystical transit, so trust what unfolds.

Again, ruled by Neptune, the planet of music, this Moon sign brings an ideal day to put your favorite tunes on the stereo and listen in deep. Or go and see a live band – there’s nothing like the real thing.

The Pisces Moon body

Every zodiac sign activates a different part of the body.

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Pisces, then you’ll likely feel it in your feet. Here we are connected to the Earth – so paradoxically for such an unworldly sign – Pisces Moons are ideal for grounding practices.

That said, you may find your feet ache if you spend too many hours of the day on them!

Of if you suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, bunions, or any chronic conditions centered here, then these may flare-up. SO take extra care. Be gentle with this part of your body.

For healing under a Pisces Moon, schedule a foot massage or pedicure (or rope in your nearest and dearest to do it for you! 😉)

The Pisces Moon shadow

Every Moon has her shadow.

Shadows are rejected, distorted, misunderstood, or suppressed (or all of those!) aspects of self.  Under a Pisces Moon, the shadow can look like:

  • Lack of boundaries
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Being ungrounded
  • Living in a fantasy world / unrealistic expectations of self + others
  • Escapism + avoidance
  • Addictions

New to shadow work?

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Now it’s your turn… do YOU feel the daily Moon transits?

Let me know in the comments if YOU’ve been feeling the Pisces Moon, and what you do to harness her mysterious, mutable mood…

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