The Moon is the Mistress of the emotions

Her movements through the sky will usually be felt through our feelings, sensitivities, and intuitions. We’re talking about the deeper layers of our being, those we may not wear on a badge on our chests, for all the world to see…

In the birth chart, it’s said that the natal Moon sign is much more revealing than the natal Sun. This means that the zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born, may well have more of an effect on who you truly are, than the zodiac sign of the Sun. (All those astrologers out there will know exactly what I mean…!)

The natal Moon is often more expressed in children. They tend not to have learnt to hide pieces of themselves away (yet), so their lunar qualities are on show. And you’ll also tend to see the giveaway traits of a natal Moon sign in lovers, close friends, and people who show up with you vulnerably.

So at work, your Leo Sun partner may show all the signs of being a confident and proficient leader. Yet at home when the working day is done, the soft and gooey center of their Cancer Moon may come out for affection. (And Leo Suns may also enjoy a cuddle!)

Your natal Moon will also often, uncannily, reflect how you were mothered.

Unravel this a little further, and you may discover more about how your relationships with your mother, specifically, have gone on to shape who you are today. Follow the thread a little further, and you may realise the effect on how you, in turn, mother. (A fun game – ask your own mother what her natal Sun and Moon are – or ask her for her date and time of birth and find out. Then cross-reference these with your own. Are there any overlaps?)

So, the Moon represents our emotions, sensitivities, instincts, and maternal stories. She informs our intuitive reactions to the world, and our subconscious leanings

How intuitive and empathetic are also heavily influenced by your natal Moon.

Those with their Moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) may naturally feel more spiritually connected, or spent their childhood being told they were “too emotional” (sound familiar?!)

Those with their Moon in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are also likely to be open to intuitive guidance, yet it may come through thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Fire sign Moons (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) tend to be passionate and creative, with warm personalities.

Earth sign Moons (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are hardworking, practical and enjoy the sensations of materiality.

These are generalisations, yes. Yet whilst this astrology manifests differently for us all, patterns do exist.

As an ancient Goddess of the feminine mysteries, the Moon also influences the body.

As she circles the Earth, the tides within our own bodies tend to rise and fall. So parts of you will feel enlivened or dulled, soothed or enflamed, depending on how her energies land in your own miraculous physicality.

As the Moon spins hew way around the Earth, she spends between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

On any day, the sign of the Moon will affect the “emotional weather” of the collective

Some people are super-tuned into her celestial shifts, and people hardly feel her influence at all. It depends on you, your make-up, your attention, and on SO many internal and external factors. But as a collective, the Moon sign has a definite, though sometimes subtle overriding effect on the energetic “weather” of each day. This means that if you know what today’s Moon sign is, you have a better chance of navigating her emotional waves.

What is the Moon in Leo?

This Lunar transit feels easy-going, warm and fun-loving.

Ruled by the Sun, la Luna’s twin luminary in the skies above, in Leo the Moon expresses as balanced and optimistic. Simply put: this Moon feels good!

Symbolised by the lion, it’s a sign that can bring “king of the jungle” type vibes, amplifying confidence and courage. So if you’re already brimming with self-belief then this Moon can be the cherry on the cake. But if you struggle with self-motivation or self-belief, the Leo Moons can feel like a gift. This sign makes it easier to feel optimistic and dive into taking control of situations that may, just a day or two ago, have seemed daunting

Often penned as the performer of the pack, this sign of the lion may just pull you into the spotlight. So if there’s an audience out there expecting you to shine, this isn’t a day to turn away.

Take a risk.

Be brave.

Push yourself…

Leo Moons can bring out our inner exhibitionist… and why not? Better get that costume on!

As a Sun-ruled sign, Leo is synonymous with heart energy.

Coming from this place is SO different from the polarised, ego-driven way of living and creating that most of us are used to. Moon sign Leo offers an alternative, by activating the inner fire and connecting us to the cave within. Practically, what this looks like, is releasing the mental chatter, letting go of logic, and dropping your awareness into the actual heart-space. When you “think” from here, you will be responding to the world, and making decisions from a non-polarised place.

Under a Leo Moon, the fire of Creativity is fueled

Artistic endeavors are supported.

Inspiration comes

Flare and skill combine

And YOU become the kind of person others look up to! Yep, whether you know it or not, a Leo Moon sets us each up as shining stars – inspiring models for each other.

Under this astrology, you have an opportunity to influence.

Buuut….. It’s worth keeping in check your sense of self-importance. On the other end of Leo’s spectrum, that old ego may just get magnified beyond what’s comfortable for everybody else.
Everybody else. So if you’re not being received well, don’t forget that you may not be the solar star of everyone’s show.
And likewise, the folks around you may start getting a little too big for their boots.

Give them space.

TO shine.

And shine themselves out… The stars will shift, and in a day or two, the astrology will bring us all a new game to play.

The Moon in Leo Body

Some children of the Moon can be physically affected by the Moon’s transit.

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Leo, then the heart, blood, and circulation are where you’ll feel it.

If you have low blood pressure, this could be activating astrology for you. So if you’re anemic, for example, watch those iron levels. and is the time to iron-up. But if you have high blood pressure, then be careful it doesn’t go too high…

Is YOUR natal Moon in Leo?

Share with me what it’s like for you – do any of these traits ring true?

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