What’s the Impact of the Cancer Moon Transit Today? 🦀

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A Cancer Moon is a soft, sensitive and emotional place to be…

Every few days, the Moon transits through a different sign of the Zodiac. This means a Cancer Moon rises in the sky roughly every 25-30 days.. and that day is TODAY!

You likely know that the Moon affects the tides of the oceans?

That’s no surprise! But the Moon is also the ancient mistress of the sea of the unconscious. The ebb and flow of her orbit creates waves on the inside of your body too…

Your physical bodies, yes. And also your emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

And a Cancer Moon activates our feeling realms than most lunar transits…

Underwater Moon in Cancer transit meaning

What does the Moon in Cancer Transit mean for you?

Cancer is the Moon’s ruling planet. Here she is at home 🌝

This zodiac sign and the Moon share so many qualities, allowing them to enhance each other and amplify the energy + meaning they reflect onto us.

Cancer is maternal, sensitive, intuitive, and protective. As a water sign, it’s both affected by and affects emotions more than any other sign. This means YOUR emotions are activated under this transit…

Expect to feel deeply.

This can be a Moon of many moods…

So realize too, that it’s not only your emotions that are tugged on – just like the tides, the emotions of others will also be ebbing and flowing like crazy!

Cancer is a cardinal sign. This modality brings action, so even though this Moon can bring a sentimental streak, She can be fierce!

When pushed, this Cancer Moon’s maternal instinct will pounce.

Especially if called to the defense of others. So watch this tendency in yourself and in other people under this lunar transit. That depth of feeling may NOT need to be acted on in all situations!

Lead from your heart…

It’s best not to try and make “rational” sense of what’s going on around you under a Cancer Moon.

Trust your feelings.

Trust your intuition.

Trust that inner knowing that sits just below the surface.

Like the archetypal mother, Cancer Moons hold us just as we are

… Allowing the truth to rise up to be witnessed.

It’s often best to follow the Moon’s lead and take this stance around others during this astrological transit – especially when facing with other folks’ stormy moods!


Hold space.


**But if these changing tidal moods do play out in ways that hurt: try your best when the lunar transit is done, to forgive and forget.

Cancer Moons bring focus to home + hearth

As the sign of home and hearth, a Cancer Moon also brings the focus to the family. And to all of the sacred duties and domestic arts that this part of life entails. The kitchen table may feel like the very best place to be (well, second only to snuggling under a feather duvet!) As a Cancer Moon usually brings a time for sharing and tending to the most primary of needs.

Cancer Moons tend to bring our your most affectionate and generous sides.

Folks who keep their door wide open to those in need may feel like theirs is a revolving door, as the need to be nurtured (as well as to nurture) is strong.

This can be a blessing and a curse.

Remember to tend to your needs first. Even though the urge to protect and provide may be strong, Cancer teaches us that you cannot give from an empty cup.

So fill yourself up.

Because of the close maternal ties, Cancer Moons (especially in her waning phases) can bring up mother wounds, and inner child healing to be addressed. As with all water sign Moons, the way into this work is through your emotions.

The Cancer Moon body

Every zodiac sign activates a different part of the body.

If you’re physically affected by la Luna’s transit through the sign of Cancer, then you may feel pain or discomfort in the chest, breasts, diaphragm, and stomach.

Any latent or chronic conditions in these areas may flare up, or become extra tender.

Women who are breastfeeding should take extra care under this lunar transit.

But on the other hand, any healing work you can do in these areas will be of extra benefit to you under this Cancer Moon.

portrait of woman with shadow

The Cancer Moon shadow

Every Moon has her shadow.

Shadows are rejected, distorted, misunderstood, or suppressed (or all of those!) aspects of self.

Our shadow traits rise up from the subconscious mind, often in totally unconscious ways, in response to triggers or BIG and difficult emotions. We don’t know our own shadow aspects exist, but if you’re not careful, they end up running the show.

Under a Cancer Moon, the shadow can look like:

  • Moodiness
  • Lack of boundaries + martyrdom
  • Codependency
  • Self-limitation / unable to take risks
  • Living through others
  • Pessimism

Shadow work under a Cancer Moon

Doing your shadow work  under a Cancer Moon can be intense. This is because Cancer is an emotional sign so you’re going to FEEL everything more deeply. On the one hand, this is great because shadow work requires you to feel. But you must take care of yourself.


Tend to yourself with compassion, as you would anyone else you are caring for under this transit, and don’t dive headfirst into any difficult emotions, before fully resourcing yourself.

If you need to be supported through this, check out this Practical Shadow Work Guide and Workbook

Do the daily Moon transits really affect us?

Put simply, yes. Over decades of experience, here at the Moon School we know that la Luna pulls on the strings of our sensitivities and affects how we react to the world.

The Moon reveals who we are without barriers or programming. In many ways, the Moon (and especially a Cancer Moon) is the key to your inner landscapes. She can connect you to your deeper self – the self that exists in beneath and beyond the ego.

On her orbit around planet Earth, the Moon spends between 1 and 4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign

Some people are naturally highly attuned to la Luna’s celestial shifts, while some rarely feel them at all (and this can vary from month to month, season to season, year to year). But as a collective, the current Moon sign has a strong, but subtle influence on the energetic climate of our days. A collective “horoscope” of sorts.

Ancient cultures revered many Moon Goddesses

From Artemis to Diana, Cerridwen to Khons, Chang Zi to Selene, and so many in between… la Luna is as old as we are, and our myths and stories tell us so… Older perhaps, and endlessly steeped in mystery and magic.

Yet the influence of the Moon isn’t only energetic and ethereal

She’s a Goddess of embodiment, wielding her influence over the subtle landscapes of our physical bodies, too.

Her movements through the skies can make your energy rise and fall, your limbs feel soothed or inflamed. The movements of the Moon can heal or destroy… whoever you are.

This isn’t an old wives’ tale. The medicine of the Moon holds true today.

So, if you feel her calling, it’s wise to keep track of her astrology. Just a little 😉

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