This weekend sees a spectacular re-birthing of our Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini, at 03:59 BST on Sunday morning, right in between two incredible, truth-seeking Sagittarius Full Moons.

So with this in mind, and a continuing awareness of these illuminating arrows, set steady and resolute on either side, this portal of lunar Newness that we are currently moving through needs us to become softer, receptive and responsive to what is unfolding around us.

New Moons bring new beginnings – opportunities to start creative projects, s receive fresh bursts of energy, to re-mould, re-shape or simply start over with some aspect of ourselves or our lives.  They are times for firm intention setting, taking aim and planning goals, with clarity, vision and determination.  The energy of Gemini addresses our connections and links with people through the ideas, concerns, interests and spaces we share. It is fast paced, spontaneous, clever, perceptive, flexible.

And this is very good news!

This weekends New Moon makes up part of a mutable grand cross, meaning there are currently planets in each of the four mutable signs, and all are vying for primacy in the parts of our lives they correspond with (for accuracy, if you want to get deeper into the astrology, do seek out a personal birth chart, and see where these aspects occur for you).

Mutable signs are characterised by their ability to adapt and flex, to assess situations and react accordingly.  The energy they each hold is that of transition – of what it takes to be on that spiral up into a new way of being.  Their influence welcomes change.

So it is likely that the areas and themes activated for you by this New Moon will feel in flux, possibly chaotic, challenging, and due to so much mutable energy, even out of your control completely.

It is ok … transformation is rarely comfortable.  But so, so thrilling if the ride can be embraced!

So this New Moon, allow your intentions, your desires and goals for the month to be as flexible as they need to be.  If parts of your life are being reconstructed, allow nature to lead, adapt to her guidance, and the ride will be smoother.

A solid spiritual, meditative practice will greatly aid and enhance how you are able to access this connection; and help you to stay grounded enough to allow your reality to manifest around you with least resistance.  (But if life feels it is becoming too hard to navigate, ASK that the Universe ease off a little!  You can dictate the pace of your growth).

Set intentions based on your ideas, your attitudes and articulations – remember the vitality of your words this month: how you describe, frame, portray, express your life.

Affirm your existence. 

Celebrate your every move with your every word.


New Moon blessings.