With Gemini, comes speed.

The ruler of this sign – Mercury, or Hermes in Greek myth – was the messenger: quick footed (adorned with winged sandals, no less!), cunning, and able to move freely between the worlds.

Mercury does not seek the truth in the same way that this cycle’s Sagittarian beginning encouraged us to do.  Instead, he carries it, disseminates it and creates the missing link between what we know and what others need to know.

He’s a channel.

And sometimes channels can become misty, murky or even tricksy and mischievous: bending the truth, skewing the message, or misaligning the meaning or the moral.

This Gemini Full Moon may go either way.

As the last of three consecutive Supermoons, this cycle’s Full Moon (at 22 degrees of Gemini, exact at 00:05 GMT on Wednesday 14th Dec – which takes it into the 13th Dec for those in the USA) will be felt intensely, of that we can be sure.  Bringing mutable air, this sign will add a very intangible, fact moving, fast thinking influence to the illumination brought by this phase.  Too fast perhaps.  It may call us to be creative, to think on our (winged) feet.

Gemini has the capacity to keep many balls up in the air at once, to juggle and serve its many different masters with its many different guises, but under this Full and potent Moon, we must beware of taking short cuts.  We must beware of pleasing others, of saying and doing what they want to hear and see, whilst forgetting to honour the higher, divine essence that seeks to speak through us.

Gemini is the linguist of the zodiac: words and poetry, utterings, parlance and incantations can roll of the tongue with ease and persuasion, but remember to keep your message clear.  Lit by this Moon, speak from your heart.

During this lunar zenith, our Sun is making a strong trine to Uranus, planet of free thought and vision.  So our solar selves, our masculine, pioneering, creative selves are being encouraged to blend and build with our our wise and unconventional sides, the parts of us that believe things can be different, reformed, even revolutionary.  And a close solar conjunction to Saturn will help us to anchor these feelings in, to ground them, make them real and practical and more than fleeting, Full Moon dreams.

These is a lot of potential here.

The Full Moon is receiving, holding, and reflecting this potential, but for us to receive it, we may need to slow down a little, to let it move through us unimpeded.

We are each the messenger here, we each contain the essence of Mercury, Hermes, and hold within us the capacity to move between the worlds, bringing back what is ready to be brought.

The ideas don’t need to come from us.

The ideas exist, they exist already in the ether, the matrix, the divine mind, they only need clear and open hearts to seed themselves, so that they can grow and serve, nurtured and tended to by our individual flavours.

So take this lesson during this Full Moon, and hold of the search for a moment.  See how it feels to release to the messages that want to move through you and be a channel for the divine, instead of for the human mind.

Wishing you Full Moon clarity,