Double the Fun: Gemini Full Moon Lights Up November 2023

Gemini Full Moon (beaver Moon) rising over horizon into pink sky

This year’s only full Moon in Gemini will rise on November 27, 2023.

This stunning phase of lunar illumination comes to shine a light onto aspects of our lives that have been hidden, ignored or simply unconsciously accepted without question.

The sign of Gemini comes with curiosity, catalyzing a fresh gaze and a renewed perspective on some of our most tired and rooted beliefs.

Are you ready for a re-think?

November’s Full Moon comes with questions, options, and a whole set of new ideas…

When is the Full Moon in November 2023?

The Gemini Full Moon, also known as the Beaver Moon occurs on November 27, 2023, at 09:16 GMT / 04:16 EST 01:16 PST.

The full Moon sits at 4º of Gemini, the astrological sign of the twins.

A full Moon always opposes the Sun, which in this case transits truth-seeking Sagittarius, encouraging us to all hold both higher perspectives and laser-sharp focus.

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This full Moon is all about what we think, believe, and trust. Too often these foundational layers of the human experience are based on conditioning and habit.

Yet this astrology invites curiosity and consideration of new possibilities. Under the light of the full Moon, you are being called to examine the dusty corners of your heart and mind, and release what no longer fits.

The world is changing fast… are you keeping up?

Moon opposes Mars, conjunct the Sun

At the time of this Gemini Full Moon, Mars sits at 2º of Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun and almost directly opposing the Moon.

This aspect lends a firey impulse to what’s already a changeable time. You may feel this as –

  • Internal conflict with your sense of identity and ego
  • Moods and feelings fluctuate, a see-saw, push-pull feeling between head and heart
  • Difficulty balancing your emotional needs with your outer achievements and identity

Be sure to tend to yourself deeply during this full Moon phase.

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The direct gaze of a Full Moon, especially this close to the Samhain portal when daylight is low in the northern hemisphere means personal revelations that rise to the surface can feel especially confronting.

The flip side of Mars’ influence here is the strength of will it offers. Channel it wisely, with pure motivation, and new horizons will appear.

Full Moon in blue sky rising over temple

Your Horoscope for the November 2023 Full Moon in Gemini

For a more accurate reading of how the November Full Moon in Gemini will affect you, look at your birth chart and pinpoint your Sun, Moon, and rising signs.

Then read the section below, that corresponds to the sign you align with. And it may be that multiple signs resonate – trust this.


The Gemini Full Moon illuminates your third house, aka the social sector, and this could mean looking closely at the people you surround yourself with.

Gemini is the sign of multiplicity. So looking through this lens could see you feeling torn between spending time with friends or letting that fiery independent streak lead.

Could this full Moon indicate ego death?

While social plans likely appeal, ask yourself, what do you actually need? Solitary time recharging, or the warm embrace of loved ones? (and there are no wrong answers here – this Moon’s invitation is to dive deep inside…)


With this powerhouse of a Gemini Full Moon in your second house of money and resources, all things finance-related look set to be illuminated.

If you’re feeling the strain of the hustle, if money feels like it’s slipping through your fingers, or if there’s never quite enough, then the time has come to take a sacred pause.

Gemini brings both a breath of fresh air, and a higher perspective. AND… you don’t need to do this alone. So share the load where you can, through partnership, collaboration, co-operation.

If the idea of a little money magic appeals, then a Full Moon manifesting ritual could NOT be better timed!


This Full Moon sits in your sign, Gemini, and the first house of the self.

Illuminating concepts and ideas around identity and self-image, it shines a light on YOU,  asking  – who are you when nobody else is looking?

Despite the heady gaze of this late autumn full moon, you can expect to feel a little more introspective than usual as internal, as external forces may bring personal revelations.

Everybody knows Gemini as the zodiac’s social butterfly, networker extraordinaire… but who are you when no one else is looking? 

Use the light of this full Moon to step away from your web of friends, family and aquaintances and look within.

This is a time to reflect deeply on who you are, your needs, and what truly fulfills you. Pay attention to dreams and intuitive messages that could offer insight.


This Full Moon falls in your twelfth house of the subconscious, dreams, and the great one-ness.

It’s time to give yourself a break – a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual break. If you’ve reached a point where you feel overwhelmed, this Moon brings an invitation to pause and seek closure on the things that are wearing you out.

Illuminating the end of your personal wheel of the zodiac, you may find that dreams and memories from bygone times may surface with messages to decode. And dhile introspection does have its place, Cancer, beware you’re not dwelling in the past. Nostalgia can be a trap that keeps us from moving forward.

Trust the insights that rise over this November’s full Moon phase, and use them as ignigion to move forward, not back.


Sitting in your eleventh house of community, networking, and future visions and tech, the Gemini Full Moon highlights any collaborative projects and future-focused plans you have on the cards.

Any cracks may be revealed (hey, that’s one of the gifts of this kind of light) AND also any that need acknowledging.

Expect to feel extra inspired to connect with like-minded souls. And keep a notebook handy to jot down the influx of big ideas arriving on the winds of the Gemini Moon…

But while enthusiasm for the future is good, make sure to balance any ambitious plans with present realities.


This Full Moon arrives to activate your tenth house of work, career and public image, Virgo. So anything big and ambitious you’ve been working for in the last six months could be set to reach its peak!

This could also mean increased scrutiny or demands at work, which may prompt self-reflection on your professional path. So while ambition is important, don’t let other people’s expectations overwhelm your own goals and limits.

If things feel like they’re spinning out of focus, use this full Moon phase to re-evaluate priorities and how you can streamline your responsibilities.

You are not only your job!


This Full Moon in Gemini is in your ninth house of dreams and adventure, Libra. It’s time to let go of the judgment and be open and curious to new possibilities in front of you. Where do your daydreams take you? Explore the magic of this Full Moon and consider where your soul is longing to go.

The Gemini Full Moon rises high in your ninth house of adventure and expanded perspectives, Libra. You may feel this as a strong urge to break free of your routine and set out on a journey of discovery!

And while exploring new horizons has its benefits, beware of taking on too much just for the sake of stimulation. Gemini Full Moons can create fidgety energy if we don’t know how to harness its multi-directional energy, so consider focusing your wanderlust on structured learning that feeds your intellectual curiosity.


November’s Gemini Full Moon illuminates Scorpio’s eighth house of transformation and intimacy.

You may experience intense emotions or insights around matters usually kept in the shadows, as this full Moon reaches deep into the nooks and crannies of your life.

Yet if you can stay with any discomfort, especially involving intimate relations, this could be a time of powerful renewal as old habots die off, and skins are shed.

But changes won’t be easy (easy isn’t how you roll, is it Scorpio?!)

Surrender control and trust your instinct to guide you.

Honest conversations could bring catharsis. And while vulnerability may feel risky, you’ll emerge in an even stronger place.


The Gemini Full Moon shines upon Sagittarius’ seventh house of partnerships, togetherness, and sacred balance.

Full Moons often spotlight exactly the things we’ve been avoiding, so if your footloose and freedom-loving outlook has been causing tention with a significant other, it could come ot a head.

Pay attention to where relationships need recalibration through open communication. You CAN strike a balance between independence and cooperation, in fact, it could become one of your greatest strengths.

Can you use Gemini’s influence to bring more playful curiosity into your dynamic? Can you get to know your friends and lovers all over again in their onw multiplicity?

If you’re single, can you let go of any self-limiting beliefs and get curious about yourself, your desires, and your possibilities?


Lighting up your sixth house of health, work, and daily routine, this November’s Gemini full Moon could catalyze the need to address any habits that are impacting your well-being or productivity.

While change has benefits, avoid drastic overhauls.

Play with the possibility that just because you’ve always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to continue. Take a look at where small, sustainable adjustments could enhance your lifestyle. Full Moon is the ideal lunar phase to let go of what no longer serves us, so consider offering any old patterns, behaviors and internal scripts to Grandmother Moon, to compost with her waning light.

Striking a balance between responsibilities and rest will be key.


This month’s Gemini Full Moon shines her light upon your fifth house of creativity, passion and romance, Aquarius!

This Moon inspires you to indulge your artistic side, anchoring those often mind-centered ideas and inspiration into real-life creations. Not sure where to go with this?

As yourself – What lights you up inside, Aquarius?

Whether it’s painting or patchwork, your creative fire is looking for a little love so follow the thread of pleasure and enjoyment and you won’t get lost.

If you’re looking for love, then someone you already know could appear in a brand new light. So be sure not to close yourself off to any potential avenues for love.

And if you’re coupled up, then spending playful one-on-one time with your partner could strengthen your bond by a LOT this full Moon… so don’t hold back!


Illuminating your fourth house of home, family, security, and roots, the Gemini Full Moon is all set to bring any imbalances in your home life, to the surface.

This may manifest as heightened emotions around domestic matters and family relationships, particularly with any mother figures.

Pay close attention to where you feel ungrounded and seek understanding from those you care about, as well as giving it. Watch out for Gemini’s potentially scattering energy and lean into your loved ones.

This Moon brings a time for intentional togetherness for you. So prioritize quality time with family, and creating valuable and meaningful connections.

Returning to comforting traditions could offer an emotional anchor, as will focusing on your surroundings, as an extension of the cocooning that will likely feel SO good under the gaze of this full Moon.

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