Full Moon in Gemini 25th Nov 2015

Luna will be full in the sign of the twins, late this Wednesday evening – at 22:44 GMT, on the 25th Nov 2015.

This stunning, peaking lunar phase of bright and illuminating energy comes to throw a spotlight onto aspects of our lives which may have been previously hidden, ignored or simply unconsciously accepted.  So at these times, Luna’s  silvery glare will often catalyse us into looking afresh and with a renewed perspective, on some of our most tired and rooted beliefs.

This Full Moon is no exception, and with a whole gang of planetary bodies currently conjunct in Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite sign, and therefore opposing this Moon, this configuration is set to really enhance the notion of ‘otherness’ that Gemini brings.

The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are all positioned in deeply philosophical and truth-seeking Sagittarius.  The Solar energy of our short, wintry days is now streaming down to us through this sign of growth, change and positive discovery, whilst at the same time, Saturn’s energy leans heavily on our sense of limitation, restriction, how we must exist within the status quo, under authority and by the rules and regulations that this heavy, 3D existence can so often entail.  And at the same time, Mercury moving into Sagittarius encourages an expansiveness and originality in the way we choose to communicate and express ourselves within the world.

So there is quite a polarised energy at the moment – you may be feeling, and expressing, a tricky oscillation between freedom and belonging, a desire for movement and consolidation, and needing to communicate and share, on the one hand, and protect and nurture on the other.

This battle is visible on a global scale currently, and is therefore also one that is present within each of us too – we are each a microcosm of the whole, and cannot deny the energetic influence that we hold over our external surroundings.

So Gemini’s Full Moon brings an incredible timely opportunity.

She encourages us to ask ourselves probing questions about how we are relating to the world around us, how we perceive, connect and involve ourselves in our external reality.

Allow your mental processes to be highlighted and examined.

Are there any fears that you currently have, in relating to others?

Are you open to interconnectedness, or do you have parts of yourself that you want to hide or reject?

Or do you reject the presence of others?

Are there any anxieties that have risen in you during this Full Moon phase (and before and beyond), which could indicate a disjointedness, a break in the flow of how you are connecting to the world?

Use Gemini’s open, quick-minded and analytical influence to really help to unpack and logically, practically unravel any mental habits, fixed ideas and assumptions that you may have adopted or formed, particularly if they are not serving you.  Be honest about this.

Let Luna’s energy penetrate your thinking, dreaming self.

Allow her influence to shift you right back to the core of who you are, and what you really think and feel, from the heart and not from a conditioned mind.

This Full Moon, as with all Full Moons, is set to bring a powerful boost of clarity, as well as the push and support that may be needed to dissolve any habits, perspectives or patterns that no longer belong with you.  Especially when it comes to connecting.

And with committed release comes the fresh space to embrace new, upgraded, authentic relational ways of being and doing.

Earth is changing, and she needs us to change with her.

Full Moon blessings




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