Luna is waxing gibbous today – she is halfway between first quarter and Full, bringing us to a time which could require some stamina!  So for Friday’s Full Moon to yield any results, or deliver any desires that you may be hoping for, for the cycle, it’s now more necessary than ever to keep focussed in their direction – don’t give up now.

Gibbous Moons are transitional times.

It may feel like you are being tested over the next couple of days.  Problems may seem to appear on your path, blocking the way.  But at this phase it’s too late to turn back – you must finish what you have started.

Luna starts the day Void in Virgo, so this morning is ideal for exercise, yoga, cleansing, juicing – any kinds of self-honouring, health-enhancing activities.  It may also be a good idea to spend a little time cleaning and organizing your surroundings, as after 12:23 BST, when our Moon enters Libra, any things out of place, or disharmony around you may feel amplified.

Libra loves balance, equality, symmetry, refinement, aesthetic pleasure.

Seek these things out today, to satisfy your emotional desires, and to stop you feeling like these things don’t exist in your world – they do!

A Libra Moon can be a light, beautiful place to be, and give a huge boost to the way we appreciate and give gratitude for our surroundings.

Use her today.

Sending you blessings,



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