Luna is now gradually waxing through Gemini, which is a bright, airy and communicative sign.

We are still in a time of lunar retreat, so even if you feel like rushing out to expand your networks and spin ideas through different people and conversations, be cautious not to over-exert, or over-stimulate yourself.  We are only just emerging from the gentle seed phase of this cycle.

If you do find that your thoughts are becoming scattered, then try to rein them back in at intervals throughout the day.

Close your eyes and bring your centre of awareness gently back into the middle of your head, where your pineal gland sits; consciously soften the muscles around the top of your scull, the base of your scull, the root of your tongue, your neck, and relax your shoulders.

When your mind is full of all of the things you think you ‘should’ be doing, this is where that tension can manifest physically, and be stored.  Performing this simple upper-body scan can have a profound and instant effect to release some of that pent-up energy and still the mind.

Today is still good for intention setting with the New Moon, if you have specific wishes for the cycle.  The Taurean energy that will be carried through this lunar cycle holds the resonance of things pertaining to the physicality of life, such as your surroundings, your possessions and wealth, as well as your enjoyment of that which sustains you.  So any conscious intentions that you set, which specifically relate to these areas of your life, will receive an extra boost of support during this cycle.

Wishing you a bright and buoyant Sunday,