Luna is New in Capricorn today!
She has now tipped over into a brand new cycle, and is waxing through this steady sign of ascension.

Just as the mountain goat aims for the highest peak, balancing on little ledges and precipices of safety in amongst the perilous slopes, this sign is all about manifesting those stepping stones which will lead you all the way to the top.

The earthiness of this sign also encourages us to look around at our resources and really take advantage of what wealth we already have.

So as you build on your intentions this cycle, don’t discount how far you have already come: both the funds, materials and people you have close, and the experiences you have under your belt.

Set your intentions for this cycle (and for this year, and beyond – Capricorn commits) today, but avoid doing so during the lunar Void we have coming up later.

She goes Void-of-Course at 17:39 GMT, and will enter Aquarius just a few hours later at 20:22, so perform your ritual before or after this.

And as the New Moon is occurring within a sign of the earth, incorporate this element if you can – have on hand some literal earth, some ash or even food to eat, to both symbolize and to kick-start your wishes manifesting into the tangible.

Wishing you blessings on this, the first New Moon of the year!