How much do you know about Scorpio?

That she’s deep, intense, passionate? Perhaps a little obsessive… to be feared when at her extremes?

YES. All of the above… and a whole lot that’s more nuanced and more subtle. She is not what you think.

This powerful, complex sign is where this week’s Full Moon will be held: at 7º of the fixed embrace of Scorpio, peaking on April 26/ 27th 2021.

All full Moons are intense

This one more so because She’s a Supermoon. Yup, our lady Luna will be swinging closer to Earth on her orbit than she will for the rest of the year. Tides will rise especially high, and drop especially low – both outside and inside the body. This means your emotional waters will feel this. No exceptions.

But in Scorpio, the intensity rises for other reasons…

This is a sign with energy and attributes that are often vilified.

She symbolises the few BIG axes around which our lives spin: money, sex, power, death. And aren’t these also the places where we most often judge other people? Which therefore reveal glimmers of our own unconscious shadows…

This week’s Supermoon in Scorpio lays out huge opportunity for expansion… through diving into these shadows.

Scorpio’s specialties – the BIG hitters – the darkest (and most potential-filled) caves of the shadowlands are exactly where this Scorpio Supermoon is inviting us to look. To study. To stay just a while longer than feels comfortable…

Your relationships to:

✶ Power
✶ Money (yours and other people’s)
✶ Sex and your sexuality
✶ Death (ego and actual)
✶ Obsession
✶ Possession

So yes, it’s going to be intense. You have been warned!

Full Moons are spotlights, and this Moon turns her focus onto how the archetype of Scorpio is showing up for you. BUT she won’t hand it to you on a plate. The shadow doesn’t show up like that, and even under the light of this Scorpio Supermoon, we’ll still need to do a little digging.

What this Moon wants you to see will likely show up in sideways, sneaky ways.

The truth will stay just below the surface, with only clues popping up for air. So you’ll need to catch yourself when this happens.

In practical terms, here are 10 ways that this Scorpio Full Moon could illuminate your shadow (read on to number 10 where it gets REAL 😳).

**AND if you’re new to Shadow Work… take a quick peek at this post to find out what it’s all about!

1. Your exaggerated feelings (about other people)

Yes, emotions DO tend to rise under Full Moons. But here, if you feel your emotions RISE in relation to something you hear or see, (for eg. if you’re shocked or outraged) then this is likely your shadow.

2. Via negative mirrors from others

This Moon could trigger mirrors you receive from other people. Do folks ever say things like:

  • “you always do that!”
  • “You’re late every single day”
  • “You often criticise me!”

Our relationships are our best friends when it comes to showing up the shadow.

If you get comments like this over Scorpio Moon, listen to them, they have something to teach you… SO long as these mirrors are not abusive or derogatory.

3. Through obsessions

OH hey, Scorpio IS in town!

If you don’t have any obvious obsessions, then one may just form under this Full Moon, even fleetingly!

What’s interesting about obsessions, is that they can blind us to alternatives. They funnel us into one way of seeing, or behaving at the expense of free-er and more balanced alternatives. And it’s here, in the blind spots caused by the Scorpionic depths of your obsession, where your shadow twin may reside.

4. Aversions

Almost the opposite to obsessions, aversions may show up for you under this Moon.
Be ready for Scorpio to use these to reveal your shadow to you. Where you fear to look could be exactly where she is.

5. Repeating patterns in relationships

We all have them, don’t we? But if there was ever a time for relationship patterns to show up.. its now.

Under the illuminating glare of this Full Moon, it may feel very much like negative patterns are caused by the other person, or even your environment (hello blame game!) But in fact, even if the environment IS your container, YOU are the one playing this out repeatedly.. and this Full Moon is shining her light on YOU, for your benefit.

6. Impulses

Watch yourself this Moon. What are your impulses?

Maybe you’ll nearly say something hurtful or harmful. OR worse, actually lash out in anger/frustration/upset?

These impulses are incredibly useful for pinpointing where the shadow is, and what she needs. See them as your meeting point.

7. Judgement

It’s not pretty, but it’s also not unusual. We all judge other people… and under this Scorpio Moon, you may find you’re doing it more than normal, especially when it comes to those areas where Scorpio rules supreme.

What you judge others for can be incredibly revealing when it comes to shadow.

8. Your dreams!

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and water signs (Cancer and Pisces being the others) are strongly connected to the sea of the unconscious, and dreams.

Notice your dreams over this Full Moon.

Sleep may come sparingly… so keep a notebook by your pillow and write down what comes to you, both in the dreamscapes and in the liminal spaces, as you drift in and out.

Look for themes, patterns, symbols, and meanings.

Notice what keeps coming up, and what desires your further attention.

9. Your habits.. and their triggers

As a fixed sign, this Moon in Scorpio may just lock you into OLD habits and rigid behaviours.

What are they?

And what are the triggers that push you in their direction and not into other places and spaces?

A little like impulses, these triggers are your meeting point with the shadow.

10. Feelings of shame

This one is HUGE.

The rise of the feminine on our planet goes hand in hand with feelings of shame.

And guess what, this is amplified under a Scorpio Moon. A Scorpio Supermoon? Hold onto your hats…

Shame is complex and deep. But pretty much encompasses negative self-conscious feelings, which cause emotional distress, powerlessness, and lack of self-worth. It paints an all-round on-the-floor self-picture.

What does Scorpio have to do with shame?

Scorpio as a symbology is ancient – older than astrology would lead us to believe and is intimately related to serpentine energy.

The serpentine energy of the Earth herself.

In many myths, she has been morphed into dragon and even reptilian energies, which in most stories… wait for it… are penned as adversary, enemy, and danger.

✶ George, the patron saint of England is famed for slaying the dragon.

✶ Hercules needed to defeat the Lerna Hydra (nine-headed serpentine water monster) in order to enter the underworld.

✶ Medusa, the snake-haired woman was also slain. This time by Perseus (and oh joy – in one version of the story when drops of Medusa’s blood hit the desert floor, they gave rise to a race of mini-me serpents who infested the Earth with plagues for time to come…!)

Scorpio, and her dark and shedding, transformative energies, has an ancient affiliation with these myths (and their patriarchal re-telling) along with many, many more.

Yet far from being an evil entity, the serpentine force rising up from the planet that these myths all reference, IS the ancient feminine.

The way in which the serpent is slain, murdered, overcome, defeated, suppressed… represents the suppression of the feminine.

So as this energy rises, as the primal serpentine force of our planet rises up, so does the legacy of shame, at all the parts of the feminine that have been disowned and suppressed.

This potent archetype holds a lot of this patterning. And when the Moon moves through Scorpio, It activates it within each of us. So if this rises for you, it’s very important NOT to berate yourself but to hold and honour the power of what you are feeling.

The stories around shame are your own, but the narrative is global

The places in your life where you feel shame usually indicate where your shadow lies. 

Yet it also indicates where a veritable powerhouse of latent energy sits. Beginning the work of unraveling the shadow, is to begin to tap into this power.

Scorpio is an ally in this work of the shadow

This Supermoon Moon may just be the portal to transformation that is SO needed, by offering us all a rare way in.

Here at the Moon School, I’m busily working on a beginners program to take you on a shadow work journey that goes right through the collective feminine shadow… The launch date is (tentatively) the Summer Solstice! 🌞

Until then, I am offering 1-1 shamanic shadow work sessions. If you want to find out more about these, please drop me an email [email protected] OR comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.

Scorpio Supermoon blessings, friend. GO well!

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