Luna is moving into the Full Moon portal today, with less than 48 hours now, until her peak illumination.

With Luna’s energy almost at its strongest point of the whole cycle, this is one of the best days to perform any ritual or lunar magic which requires the intensity of the Full Moon, especially if you wish to use her energy for building, creating or growing (as opposed to releasing, in which case it is more beneficial to invoke her power after the point of Fullness).

And today’s Lunar transit through Scorpio brings a deeply devotional influence, as whilst this sign can often lead to obsessive or very fixed feelings, it will also lend itself to focused, sacred practices.

If you want to make any big, dramatic shifts in your life, then this Moon can be utilized to set some intentions, and project their image and feeling out into the cosmos. The Full Moon’s energy is hugely attracting, so invite that change in, under her brilliant gaze, and your own power to attract will be amplified.

But ensure you are acting from a place of grace and gratitude – Scorpio Moons are intense, and as high as we soar under this sign, our shadows can easily, momentarily, become our rulers.  So keep on checking throughout the day, where the roots of your intentions and actions are. Ensure they stem from your heart, and not from your ego, and you (and everyone else) will be fine.

(Almost) Full Moon blessings!