Luna is Full today! She reached her glorious zenith in Gemini, just minutes past midnight this morning.

Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac and Full Moons offer illumination, so we have an opportunity today, to receive Luna’s light like a beam, focussing on our own, personal stories, scripts and voice.

Ask yourself today, if you are speaking up where you need to … for you, for your message, and for the world and the people who exist around you.

  • Are you clear and strong in your communications?
  • Do you convey your needs, wants and desires to the right people at the right times, or simply complain when they are not met?
  • Do you run stories of the past through your conversations, re-igniting the emotions that went with them, instead of letting them go?
  • Can you see and describe a clear path ahead, or are you muddled, vague or superficial when talking about the future?
  • Do you speak with conviction?
  • Do you invite people in with warmth?
  • Do you speak from the depth of your heart (actually, physically!) or through a tight and constrained throat?
  • Are YOU in control of your words (spoken and thought?)
  • Do they flow freely (serving you or not?)
  • Do they uplift you, or keep you small?


Clarity and conscious intent of thought and word (and then deed) is not accidental, it does need time and attention to distil and form, and constant vigilance needs to be kept, too, to ensure it remains!

We have a very powerful astrological signature to work with today, which may really, truly help us to unpack any deeply hidden and submerged patterns that we may be holding onto.  The ruling planet of this Full Moon – Mercury – is currently sitting with Pluto.  There is potential here, to allow real revelation, to allow this Full Moon to penetrate to our darkest places, bringing insight and understanding to what has been covered over for some time, in terms of unconscious patterning, programming or education.

So hold space today.

Resist judging (yourself and others) and resist attaching new stories to what moves up and through life today.  If you find yourself witnessing a purging or release, then allow what needs to be gone, free passage.


Wishing you a graceful Full Moon in Gemini!