And breathe….. This cycle’s Libra Full Moon will rise HIGH on April 16, 2022

This week we usher in the peak of this fiery first lunar cycle of the astrological year! A cool and soothing Libra Full Moon, ascends, at 26º of the sign of the scales.

This full Moon comes as SUCH a welcome antidote to the blaze of Aries energy we’ve all been navigating these past weeks. So if you’ve been feeling like time’s speeding up and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done… then take a breath! You deserve it.

This Libra Full Moon offers the beauty of balance

She will shower you in stillness, and hold you in a brief, deep moment to pause and recalibrate. She’ll create the space you need to self-check and make sure the direction you’ve been pushing SO hard in recently, is really the direction you want to go.

Your invitation to REST in the Spaciousness of this Libra Full Moon begins HERE

Directly opposing la Luna, the Sun is still in Aries right now. This Sun’s trajectory points forward with a capital F. There’s no other way to go inside this solar season – one direction only.

But the sign of Libra – Aries’ opposite on their shared axis – has two sides. It’s a sign of duplicity, multiplicity, even! Libra is a sign that takes ALL perspectives into consideration, every path, every direction, not just the one that points forward.

This Libra Full Moon is strong because of what she is NOT.

She knows herself (and encourages you to know yourself) through the relationships she gathers, and the differences she finds… Libra doesn’t exist in isolation. And neither do you.

She is moving, constantly adjusting, and fine-tuning her position in relation to the world beyond.

Libra is a tide of air

Libra is the tide of your breath, streaming in and out of your body, in every moment of your existence.

She is ever-changing, yet constant. A rhythm of eternal re-balance that is always with you… And always available to you as an ally: a guide into your own stable center.

This April’s Libra Full Moon is an anchor, dropping you down into that mid-point between in-breath, and out-breath. Out-breath and in….

Can you notice that place, that pause between breaths?

THIS is the home of the Libra Full Moon. She sails high in the sky above your head, but she’s inside you too – as above, so below. This Moon (as all Moons do) lives in you.

…SO connecting to your breath, getting really close, really conscious to your own tide of air and Spirit is the first way to connect more deeply to the Libra Full Moon. Don’t think about it… breathe her into being.

Libra shines a spotlight on fairness

All Full Moons illuminate. They come to highlight areas of your life that have been cast into shadow, or clouded by false beliefs and conditioning that no longer serves you.

The spotlight from THIS Libra Full Moon is falling on fairness: Where it is. Where it isn’t.

You can expect this to manifest in situations around you that feel decidedly unfair. (And remember, the strength of the Full Moon’s pull on your life can start as early as the 3-4 days leading up to her peak, and also last into the 3-4 days after. How intensely you feel her will also depend on where 26º of the cardinal signs sits in your own chart. Check that out HERE.)

SO this Libran intensity may make it easy to fall into a victim mentality.

You may find yourself feeling like it’s life’s bring “done” to you.

…and I’m not here to tell you that’s NOT true. That there aren’t a thousand things going on in the world (and in your life!) that are beyond your control… of course there are. But what we CAN all control, is both the filter we’re looking through and the responses we give to what’s going on.

That’s where the real gifts of this Libra Full Moon come in…

Maat, Goddess of the Scales + of Justice

Let me tell you about The Goddess Maat. She’s an ancient ruler of the sign of Libra, and her story and symbols still echo through, all the way to today.

Maat was the ancient Egyptian deity of justice, ethics, and politics. She resided in the underworld, deep inside the Hall of Two Truths where the souls of the dead were guided by Anubis. She would weigh the heart of the deceased on a pair of scales, against a single feather. Whether the heart was lighter or heavier than the feather dictated whether the soul went on with its journey to the afterlife, or was fed to the fearsome soul-eating God.

We don’t live with myths like this anymore. They exist in books, as stories, but not as threads of truth that weave their way, silently, through lives being lived out on Earth today. At least not consciously. So instead, we have to go looking for patterns and symbols to make sense of our lives. They’re not a given.

But stories like this aren’t about living in fear, doing the “right thing” because if you don’t, you’ll come to a gruesome end. It’s the symbolism that’s powerful, and worth drinking in: The scales. The feather. The underworld.

The Libra Full Moon Is reminding us that it’s possible to live as lightly as a feather

Not that heavy, dark, and doom-laden events aren’t unfolding around the world every day. But that you have a choice – in every moment – how you respond to them.

Under this Full Moon, you can treat yourself fairly.

… And this means being really conscious about HOW you allow yourself to be pushed off balance. How heavy you allow your heart to get. And for how long.

Libra Full Moon incites cardinal action… but it’s not all about YOU. Or is it?

Like the masculine child of the zodiac, Aries, Libra holds cardinal energy – it’s hot-off the marks, and supremely initiating! But you’ll be forgiven if you hadn’t realised this – Libra Full Moons always impart a gentleness that’s less “go, go, go” and more “you decide first…”

Don’t let this very Libran diplomacy catch you off guard.

The light that Full Moons shine always illuminates personal shadows (shadows that dwell in your personal underworld) – that is unconscious habits, programs, and beliefs you’re not even aware you have! Under the Libra Full Moon, the kinds of shadows rising up include:

  • Indecisiveness
  • An inability to commit (to ideas, people, decisions)
  • People pleasing

…and all these shadow traits can very easily be disguised as being humble, being kind, letting others go first, not being pushy or selfish, and generally just being a damn good human!

…When what’s really going on, is that you are giving your power away.

Of all the signs, Libra is one that will most happily divest itself of its personal power and authority, whilst convincing itself it is doing the “right thing”.

If this pattern sounds at all familiar then it’s something this Libra Full Moon may light up for you. If it does, try to frame this time, as an opportunity for true self-realization. For bringing the balance of what’s fair, just, and equal BACK to you.

Balance isn’t static

That’s an illusion, a misunderstanding of the process of cosmic order to think that balance happens once, and sticks. Finding that harmonious equilibrium is a perpetual dance between here and there, you and me, within and without.

See the cues that this Libra Full Moon offers you.

Gaze up at her light and allow your own precarious edges to be lit up.

And take (and make) the time you deserve this weekend, to stand still. To breathe in the Libran air and soothe these solar flames while you can.

Full Moon blessings


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